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July 3 coronavirus news

See how Canada crushed the curve while the US struggles

What you need to know

  • Infections are up in at least 36 US states as the country heads into Fourth of July weekend. Officials fear the holiday could bring a surge in cases, and they are urging Americans to limit festivities to avoid more outbreaks. 
  • Anyone traveling from the US to England will have to self-isolate for 14 days starting on July 10. The US was not included in the UK’s list of countries exempt from these measures.
  • Brazil, second only to the US when it comes to Covid-19 cases and deaths, surpassed 1.5 million coronavirus cases.

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Tennessee governor gives mayors authority to issue mask requirements

Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee signed an executive order Friday giving mayors in 89 counties the authority to issue mask requirements.

Six counties with locally run health departments — Sullivan, Knox, Hamilton, Davidson, Madison and Shelby — will retain their existing authority to issue mask requirements as needed, the governor tweeted Friday.

The new executive order allows local governments to issue the mandates if a surge requires more preventative measures being taken to slow the spread of the virus. 

“While our densely populated urban areas continue to have the highest COVID-19 case rates, our local governments expressed a need for greater flexibility in addressing a rise in cases and that includes setting stronger expectations around masks,” Lee said in a statement. “This targeted approach ensures we protect both lives and livelihoods and safely keep our economy open in Tennessee. We encourage every Tennessean across the state to use a face covering or mask, make sure to socially distance and wash hands frequently.”

Brazil passes 1.5 million coronavirus cases

Brazil’s health ministry reported 42,223 new cases of novel coronavirus on Friday, bringing the nationwide total to 1,539,081.

The health ministry also reported 1,290 new Covid-19 fatalities, bringing the country’s death toll to 63,174.

Bars in Rio de Janeiro reopened yesterday: Local TV images showed large gatherings of people in front of bars and restaurants in the city, spilling into the street and blocking car traffic.

“Most people on the streets were not respecting social distancing measures and the mandatory use of masks,” Flavio Sarahyba, one of the owners of the bar Boa Praça in the upscale Leblon neighborhood, told CNN.

Sarahyba said they had prepared the bar to follow all necessary sanitary measures, including distancing their tables, mandating the use of masks by customers and staff, and providing hand sanitizer. They even put fences on the outside of the bar and stopped serving outdoors to avoid crowds.

Social media images showed groups of revelers waving masks, bidding them “tchau,” or goodbye. Other social media videos showed people crowding into Rio’s bars and celebrating what they said was “normal life coming back,” and “sending masks and coronavirus to hell.”

The relaxed Rio de Janeiro restrictions – which allowed bars and restaurants to operate at 50% of normal capacity as long as tables were a minimum of two meters apart and establishments closed by 11 p.m. local time – went into effect Thursday.

Municipal Guards forced several bars to close in the Leblon neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro on Thursday due to the crowds on the street, according to a statement from the Guards, reported in local media. 

On Friday, the Rio de Janeiro city government said in a statement that it will intensify inspection in areas with restaurants and bars and will fine those who are not following the rules. 

“If nothing changes, if the government doesn’t act to repress, bars do not cooperate and follow the rules and people don’t became conscientious, we may have to close again,” Sarahyba added. 

Seven-time NASCAR champion Jimmie Johnson tests positive for Covid-19

Seven-time NASCAR Cup Series champion Jimmie Johnson has tested positive for Covid-19 and will miss Sunday’s race in Indianapolis, according to his team, Hendrick Motorsports.

Johnson tested positive Friday afternoon, a statement said.

In Johnson’s absence, Justin Allgaier will drive the No. 48 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE for Hendrick Motorsports on Sunday at Indianapolis. 

“My first priority is the health and safety of my loved ones and my teammates,” Johnson said in the statement. “I’ve never missed a race in my Cup career, but I know it’s going to be very hard to watch from the sidelines when I’m supposed to be out there competing. Although this situation is extremely disappointing, I’m going to come back ready to win races and put ourselves in playoff contention.”

French court launches inquiry into former prime minister's handling of Covid-19 crisis

Edouard Philippe

A French court has launched a probe into the former prime minister and two ex-cabinet ministers’ handling of the coronavirus crisis, the Paris prosecutor’s office told CNN on Friday.

A judicial enquiry will examine how former Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, who resigned as part of the widely expected government reshuffle on Friday, and two former health ministers — Agnes Buzyn and her successor Olivier Véran— managed the Covid-19 outbreak in France. Buzyn stepped down in February.

The inquiry will begin at the Court of Justice of the Republic after the Petitions and Complaints committee upheld nine complaints against the ex-ministers. The committee is part of the CJR and examines the complaints to decide whether to pursue prosecution.

Complaints were filed by private individuals and doctors, the Paris prosecutor’s office told CNN.

This Arizona gym owner says he will not follow governor's closure order

Mountainside Fitness in Scottsdale has been cited for violating Arizona Governor Doug Ducey’s Executive Order mandating the closure of gyms.

Mountainside Fitness CEO Tom Hatten said he will not heed the Arizona governor’s order to close his gyms.

“We are going to stay open until we have our day in court, which is Monday morning,” Hatten said at a news conference Friday.

He said he objected to the lack of “fairness and transparency” in the new order. Hatten went on to say that the order is more about “making it look like we’re doing something.”

Hatten, who has a hearing in his lawsuit against Gov. Doug Ducey Monday, said that he will respect the decision of the court.

“If we are allowed a stay, we will move forward until our full case is heard,” he said. “If the court does not allow us stay, we will comply and respect the court’s decision.”

LifeTime, the other gym that has been defying closure orders, has announced it will temporarily close.

“After connecting with the offices of the governor and the Director of the Arizona Department of Health Services this morning and, out of respect for the Governor, we are shutting down the indoor fitness portion of our clubs as of now through Monday evening,” a LifeTime spokesperson said in a statement.

Czech Republic and Hungary open borders to US filmmakers despite EU travel ban

American cast and crew will be able to travel to the Czech Republic and Hungary to work on film and TV productions, despite European Union’s ban on travelers from the US, heads of those countries’ national film commissions indicated.

“Please let me assure you this (travel ban) is not valid for economic workers but tourism travelers only. Filmmakers of all nations are welcome in the Czech Republic,” Pavlína Zipkova, the head of the Czech Film Commission, told Hollywood executives and studios in a letter seen by CNN.

Zipkova explained that filmmakers will be provided with two documents — a “Confirmation of Performance of Economic Activities in the Interest of the Czech Republic,” signed by Czech Culture Minister Lubomir Zaoralek, and a “Declaration Concerning Arrival of a Foreign Crew Member” by the director of the Czech Film Fund, Helena Bezdek Frankova.

In a similar move, Hungarian Film Commissioner Csaba Káel told CNN “special exemption can be granted for non-EU residents to enter Hungary without mandatory quarantine.” 

Some background: The EU has published a list of 14 countries from outside the union whose citizens can enter from July 1 based on a set of health criteria, but the US was excluded from that list due to the rise in coronavirus infections in some parts of the country.

The criteria does allow for exemptions for “highly qualified” essential workers and can be expanded to include further categories of travelers. The final decision on who can enter a country rests with the member state.

In 2019 more than 80 films and television series were made in the Czech Republic, contributing $393 million to the country’s economy, according to the Czech Film Commission.

Filming is currently paused on Marvel’s and Disney+ The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and Amazon’s Carnival Row, according to the commission.

Hungary’s National Film Institute says the country is “the most popular filming destination in continental Europe” and that large scale productions spent more than $565 million there in 2019. 

With sound stages “booked up for the entire year,” Hungary’s National Film Institute has released a series of Covid-19 guidelines for filmmakers to ensure the health and safety of cast and crew, which Káel hopes will “make it possible to restart production at full capacity.”

One of those productions is Denis Villeneuve’s big-budget sci-fi movie Dune, which was partly filmed in the country last year, with shooting scheduled to resume in August, according to Hungary’s National Film Institute. 

Myrtle Beach mayor says city is "doing all that we can" to stop spread of virus despite keeping beaches open

Myrtle Beach Mayor Brenda Bethune told CNN’s Jim Acosta on The Situation Room Friday the city is “doing all that we can” to prevent the spread of coronavirus despite keeping beaches open to thousands of visitors for the holiday weekend.

Bethune said that the city enacted a mask ordinance Thursday to help stop the spread. 

“People spread this virus and we can’t stop people from coming here but we all have personal responsibility in helping to prevent the spread of this virus,” Bethune said.

The mayor said the city is working to get the message out that masks are needed.

She said the city has extra law enforcement that has come in from other areas to help with crowd control.

Bethune also said the beaches have been well maintained by beach patrol, firefighters, and lifeguards and there have been “very few issues” on the beaches.


MLB and players association announce 31 players and 7 staff members test positive for Covid-19

Major League Baseball and the Major League Baseball Players Association (MLBPA) announced today the first set of results from their Covid-19 testing.

Here’s a breakdown of the results:

  • The total number of positive tests is 38, which is 1.2% of the 3,185 total samples collected and tested, according to the statement.
  • Thirty-one of these 38 positives are players and seven are staff members, the statement said.
  • Nineteen different clubs have had one or more individuals test positive during intake testing, according to the statement

The testing was conducted as part of the mandatory intake screening process under MLB’s Covid-19 Health Monitoring & Testing Plan, prior to the workouts and full baseball activities that started today.

Here's the latest coronavirus update from Texas

Healthcare workers move a patient in the Covid-19 Unit at United Memorial Medical Center in Houston, Texas, on Thursday, July 2.

Texas is reporting a third day of new Covid-19 cases topping 7,000, according to state health department data.

The state is reporting 7,555 new Covid-19 cases on Friday. Although this is lower than the previous two days, which included a record high for Texas, it continues the trend of sharp increases of cases in the state.

The state also reported 50 new deaths from Covid-19 Friday.

Here’s what we know about the surge in coronavirus cases in Texas:

  • Rise in cases: Texas reported a record 8,076 new cases on Wednesday and 7,915 new cases yesterday, state data shows.
  • Hospitalization rates: Texas is expected to see nearly 2,000 new hospitalizations per day by mid-July, according to forecasts published by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
  • Mask mandate: Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on Thursday mandated that residents in counties with 20 or more active Covid-19 cases — which is about 95% of Texans — to wear a face covering in public.
  • Major GOP event still happening: The Republican Party of Texas will hold their state convention in-person with an expected attendance in the thousands. The convention will be held indoors at the George R. Brown Convention Center in downtown Houston from July 16-18. Committee meetings will begin on July 13.

This is what it looks like at Mount Rushmore, where Trump is headed for tonight's fireworks show

Despite social distancing guidelines from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that say people in large gatherings should wear face masks and attempt to stay at least six feet apart, there are hundreds of black plastic folding seats linked together with plastic ties at the Mount Rushmore National Memorial amphitheater, where President Trump is expected to attend, speak and view a fireworks show tonight.

Folding chairs at an event like these need to be zip tied together by code, per a public safety official involved with the event,” a public safety official tells CNN. “In case of an emergency, like a fire event or a storm or anything that would cause people to quickly move out, the zip ties would ensure that the chairs will not be easily knocked over or fly into egress paths — moving a full row of chairs, rather than one or two. Additionally, the zip tied chairs then cannot be used as a weapon.”

A majority of the attendees at the venue arriving so far have not been wearing face coverings.

There is also bleacher seating in the venue which means many spectators at the event will not have to sit in seats that are linked together.

Some background: The 7,500 tickets for the event are lower than the typical visitor flow during the busy summer season. On normal days, 28,000 to 32,000 visitors come to Mount Rushmore during a 10-hour period. Amid the pandemic, the park never closed but visitation has been down to around 20,000 people, said Maureen McGee-Ballinger, Mount Rushmore’s chief of interpretation and education.

Coronavirus cases in South Dakota currently remain stable, according to data from Johns Hopkins University, with 6,893 confirmed cases and 97 deaths as of Thursday — but it remains to be seen how many attendees will travel from other states. Thirty-six states are currently experiencing a rise in new cases.


Miami Heat closes facility after second player tests positive for Covid-19

The NBA’s Miami Heat have closed their practice facility at the AmericanAirlines Arena in Miami, Florida, after a second player tested positive for Covid-19, according to multiple media reports which the team confirmed to CNN.

The team will not resume practices until it enters the NBA’s “bubble” at Disney later this month.

In recent weeks, the Denver Nuggets and Brooklyn Nets had to shut down their facilities after players on both teams tested positive for the virus.

The NBA season is scheduled to restart on July 30 at the Walt Disney Resort near Orlando, Florida. 

Man voluntarily gets off plane after refusing to wear face covering

The man caught on video arguing with a police officer on Spirit Airlines flight NK197 from LaGuardia Airport to Fort Lauderdale, Florida chose to voluntarily deplane after refusing to keep his face covering on, according to a Spirit Airlines spokesperson.

“I’m going to my father who had a stroke. I’m not leaving the flight … I’m a Purple Heart, I gave my life for this country,” the man said in the video.

In the video, the man said he was allowed onto the flight with the scarf draped on his head.

Spirit Airlines requires all passengers to wear face coverings, with some exemptions for children, according to the airline’s website.

“Spirit will always err on the side of caution when it comes to the health and safety of our guests. Wearing a face covering is simple, it’s easy, and it’s critical to Spirit and the airline industry as a whole,” said Spirit in a statement to CNN.

CNN has reached out to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey for comment.

Arkansas governor says cities may implement mandatory mask ordinances

Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson signed an executive order that will give cities the ability to mandate face coverings.

The executive order allows local municipalities to require face coverings and allows for local law enforcement and city officials to enforce the rule, according to a statement from his office.

“This provides a local option for cities to give them more flexibility if they have a community in which they might have a surge in cases. This model ordinance, from the Municipal League, provides a consistency in approach across the state,” Hutchinson said in a statement.

Texas Rangers player tests positive for Covid-19

Major League Baseball pitcher Brett Martin of the Texas Rangers has tested positive for Covid-19, the team confirmed to CNN on Friday. The team says Martin is now in quarantine in Texas. 

Brett Martin is also diabetic. He was diagnosed with Type-1 diabetes at the age of 16.

The Major League Baseball season resumed on Wednesday with players reporting to training and games are scheduled to start on July 23 or 24. 

Covid-19 cases in Latin America and Caribbean surpass 2.7 million

Health professionals leave a home after administering COVID-19 tests to an elderly indigenous Guarani couple at the Sao Mata Verde Bonita tribe camp, in Marica, Rio de Janeiro state, Brazil, on July 2.

The number of Covid-19 cases in Latin America and the Caribbean reached more than 2.7 million and the number of deaths reached more than 121,000, according to a CNN tally.

Just in the top 10 hardest-hit countries in the region, at least 2,658,083 coronavirus cases and at least 119,608 virus-related deaths were reported, according to CNN’s tally.

Since last Friday, Argentina surpassed Ecuador, Bolivia surpassed Panama and the Dominican Republic, and Panama surpassed the Dominican Republic in number of Covid-19 cases.

As of today, these are the countries with the highest number of Covid-19 infections and deaths in the region (according to CNN’s tally):

Brazil: 1,496,858 cases; 61,884 deaths Peru: 292,004 cases; 10,045 deaths Chile: 288,089 cases; 6,051 deaths Mexico: 238,511 cases; 29,189 deaths  Colombia: 106,110 cases; 3,641 deaths Argentina: 69,941 cases; 1,385 deaths Ecuador: 60,657 cases; 4,700 deaths Bolivia: 35,528 cases; 1,271 deaths Panama: 35,237 cases, 667 deaths Dominican Republic: 35,148 cases; 775 deaths

With previous reporting from CNN’s Ingrid Formanek, Claudia Rebaza, Radina Gigova and Stefano Pozzebon

Red Sox manager says some team members have tested positive for Covid-19

Ron Roenicke

Boston Red Sox manager Ron Roenicke said during a news conference on Friday that the team has had “some positive tests” within the organization.  

“We didn’t have everybody that came in,” Roenicke said. “We do have some positive tests and with the Covid laws, the laws that MLB have placed on the protocols, we won’t be able to give you names on these players.” 

The Major League Baseball season resumed on Wednesday with players reporting to training and games are scheduled to start on July 23 or 24. 

Costa Rica extends restrictions as Covid-19 cases rise

A municipal employee takes part in a disinfection operation against Covid-19 in San Jose, Costa Rica on July 2.

Costa Rica extended coronavirus restrictions in several provinces due to the sharp rise in cases. 

The restrictions, which went into effect today, include closures of various establishments and limitations on traffic in several regions, according to a statement from the Health Ministry. The restrictive measures will continue until July 13. 

The number of cases in the country have surged since early June.

At the time, Costa Rica recorded 1,157 cases on June 3. The number of cases have now jumped to more than 4,000 at the beginning of July.

“It will be the first time that … due to the number of cases, we will go backwards with measures previously adopted, with more restrictions,” President Carlos Alvarado Quesada said this week.

Health Minister Daniel Salas said in a statement people who work in retail and grocery stores will be required to wear masks.

Here are some of the other restrictions in place:

  • There’s a nighttime vehicle restriction from 7 p.m. to 5 a.m. Monday to Sunday, with the exception of border areas.
  • In areas with a higher number of cases, commercial activity will operate from 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. during the week, except for places of worship, public parks, bars and events involving mass gatherings, which won’t be allowed to operate.
  • Hotels will be allowed to operate Monday to Sunday at 50% capacity.
  • On weekends, only supermarkets, pharmacies, medical centers, grocery stores, home service stores, agricultural, veterinary and hygiene supplies stores, banks, funeral homes, hardware stores, locksmiths and repair shops for vehicles will be authorized to operate. 

At least 4,023 cases of coronavirus have been recorded in Costa Rica and at least 18 people have died in the country from the virus, according to the latest Health Ministry numbers released Thursday.

Coronavirus cases in Ecuador top 60,000

Ecuador’s Ministry of Health reported 1,171 new cases of coronavirus on Friday, bringing the country’s total to 60,657. 

The numbers indicate a slow consistent rise in recent weeks. 

The ministry said the death toll for the country currently stands at 4,700.

Chile's coronavirus death toll surpasses 6,000

Chile’s health ministry reported 131 new Covid-19 fatalities Friday, bringing the country’s death toll to 6,051.

The total number of cases stands at 288,089, with 3,548 reported in the last 24 hours, a slight increase in the last few days.

Chile’s health officials insisted there are good signs.

“We are seeing positive figures,” Paula Daza, the health ministry’s subsecretary, said during the country’s daily briefing.

Daza also said there has been an increase in the number of people who have recovered from the virus. A total of 253,343 people have recovered from the virus since the pandemic started.

South Carolina reports 20.7% positivity rate from new coronavirus tests

AnMed phlebotomists test people in their cars during a free COVID-19 testing at the Civic Center in Anderson South Carolina on June 18.

South Carolina reported 1,558 new cases and 10 new confirmed deaths Friday, according to a statement from the state’s Department of Health and Environmental Control.

According to the agency, the positivity rate in new cases was 20.7%.

There are currently 1,148 hospital beds occupied by patients who have either tested positive or are under investigation for Covid-19, the statement said. The state is currently at a 72.68% hospital bed utilization rate, according to the agency.

South Carolina has a total of 41,413 confirmed cases, 119 probable cases, 787 confirmed deaths and six probable deaths, according to the statement.

About 43% of California's total Covid-19 cases are located in Los Angeles County

California Gov. Gavin Newsom speaks in Pittsburg, California on June 30.

California’s coronavirus cases continue to climb, with the state reporting a total of 248,235 confirmed cases, an increase of 5,688 since Thursday.

An additional 100 deaths are being reported, bringing the state’s total to 6,263.

About 43% of all of California’s cases are located in Los Angeles County.

The positivity rate stands at 6.4% over the past 14 days, and hospitalization rates are again at an all-time high with more than 5,500 patients admitted.

New measures taken: California’s governor has announced significant rollbacks to the state’s reopening. On Wednesday, Gov. Gavin Newsom ordered all indoor activities be halted in counties on the state’s coronavirus “watch list” for increased transmission of the virus. 

Those closures affect 19 counties representing 72% of the state’s population, and include restaurants, museums, zoos, movie theaters, family entertainment, and card rooms.

Note: The numbers were released by the California Department of Public Health and may not line up exactly in real time with CNN’s database drawn from Johns Hopkins University and the Covid Tracking Project

Portugal's foreign ministry criticizes UK's new "travel corridor" list

Portugal’s foreign ministry said it was “absurd” that the UK government did not include it in the list of nations allowed to skip the 14-day isolation period when arriving in England. 

“It is absurd that a country, the United Kingdom, which has 28 times more deaths than Portugal, due to #COVID ー 19, imposes quarantine on passengers from Portugal,” the ministry tweeted.

There have been 1,587 coronavirus deaths in Portugal across all settings, according the country’s Ministry of Health. In the UK, 44,131 people have died with the virus as of July 2, according to Department of Health and Social Care data.

What happened earlier today: The UK government published a list of 59 states and 14 British Overseas Territories from which travelers will now be exempted from the formerly-established 14-day isolation period. The guidance set out at the moment applies to England.

Air France to cut more than 7,500 jobs following months of declining air travel

An Air France KLM Airbus A320 taxis at the John Paul II Krakow International Airport in Krakow, Poland on July 3.

Air France says it will cut 7,580 jobs “following the Covid-19 crisis which has hit the group hard” and the lasting decline in air travel.

“For three months, Air France’s activity and revenue fell by 95%, and at the height of the crisis, the airline was losing 15 million euros per day. Recovery looks set to be very slow due to the uncertainties regarding the health situation, the lifting of travel restrictions and changing commercial demand. In this way, even on the basis of ambitious recovery assumptions, Air France predicts that it will not see the same level of activity as in 2019 before 2024,” Air France said in a statement.

The group said it will cut 6,560 jobs at Air France (out of a current total of 41,000) by the end of 2022. At least 1,020 jobs will be cut over the next three years at HOP!, Air France’s subsidiary low cost domestic carrier, out of 2,420 current positions.

Air France said that the 7 billion euros ($7.9 billion) it received in government support will enable the group “to withstand the crisis in the short term and is accompanied by strong commitments to ensure its sustainability” but that it has to accelerate its transformation to regain its competitiveness.

Air France and HOP! are working together with the unions to implement plans that give priority to voluntary departures, early retirement arrangements and professional and geographical mobility, according to the press release shared with CNN.

The company said roughly 3,700 of the cuts can be achieved through normal departure of staff, mainly due to retirement. 

This the second blow for the French aviation industry this week. Airbus said on Tuesday it will cut 15,000 jobs globally, including 5,000 in France.