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April 9 coronavirus news

How to make your own mask at home

What you need to know

  • The main US model is now showing fewer projected deaths from coronavirus — down to about 60,000 people by August. Here’s why.
  • Another 6.6 million people filed for unemployment benefits last week in the US.
  • Top US doctor Anthony Fauci said Americans may be able to take summer vacations if mitigation strategies continue.
  • UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson was released from intensive care.
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CNN has just wrapped up its coronavirus town hall

CNN’s town hall on coronavirus facts and fears has just ended.

We talked to former NBA player Magic Johnson, CDC Director Robert Redfield, Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove from the WHO, and more. Scroll through our posts below to catch up on what was discussed.

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Alaska extends school closure to the rest of the school year

Alaska is the latest state to extend school closures through the remainder of the academic year. 

“We’re trying to give as much certainty as we can to the public. To wait another two or three weeks when we’re already close to the (end of the) school year at that point, we feel would cause more disruption and more confusion,” said Gov. Mike Dunleavy in a press conference today.

The state is also extending its social distancing order for another ten days, effective through at least April 21. 

“We wanted to make sure we continue that we continue the good work that all Alaskans are doing,” said Health and Social Services Commissioner Adam Crum.

Cases are doubling in Europe every 3-4 days, WHO official says

Coronavirus cases in Europe are doubling very rapidly, every three to four days, said the World Health Organization’s Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove on CNN’s coronavirus town hall tonight.

Experts identify the number of cases being reported each day and how quickly those numbers are doubling – and this rate is called the doubling time, she said.

“Right now, across Europe the doubling time is three to four days. That’s very fast,” Van Kerkhove said.

She also expressed the importance of testing to determine the global spread of the outbreak.

“If you’re seeing countries that have 30% positivity rate, that means that there’s a lot of cases that are out there. If you’re seeing countries that have a 1% positivity rate, that means … they’re actually capturing more of their cases,” Van Kerkhove said.

A positivity rate means the percentage of positive results out of total tests done.

276 inmates at Cook County Jail have tested positive for the coronavirus

Twenty five more detainees at the Cook County Jail in Chicago have tested positive for Covid-19, raising the total number of cases among inmates to 276, said the Cook County Sheriff’s Office today.

Of these infected detainees, 21 have been hospitalized and 36 have been moved to a recovery facility. One has died of “apparent” complications, but an autopsy remains pending.

172 employees at the county sheriff’s office also tested positive, with the majority of employees being correctional deputies at the jail.

Releasing detainees: The sheriff’s office said today that they will continue help identify individuals for release. This process has already reduced the jail population by 1,247 detainees since March 9.

But also today, a federal judge denied a motion to order the immediate release of medically vulnerable detainees at the jail to prevent the spread of Covid-19. 

Instead, here’s what they’re doing: There will be a mobile testing site at the jail for sheriff’s office staff, capable of testing up to 100 people a day, said Sheriff Thomas Dart.

Jail officials say they have moved inmates from double cells to single cells to increase social distancing, and have created an off-site 500-bed quarantine and care facility for detainees.

New York City had 7,521 new cases and 518 new deaths today

Medical personnel moves a fence in front of refrigerated trucks serving as make shift morgues at Brooklyn Hospital Center in New York City on April 9.

New York City has 7,521 new coronavirus cases and 518 new deaths, according to the city’s website.

That brings the city’s total to 87,725 cases and 4,778 deaths.

This case total doesn’t reflect the number of active cases, but rather the total number of people infected since the start of the pandemic.

That means, according to official statistics, New York City alone now has had more infections than the whole of China, which has reported 81,907 cases, according to the Chinese National Health Commission.