March 11 coronavirus news

By Veronica Rocha, Fernando Alfonso III, Joshua Berlinger, Jessie Yeung, Adam Renton and Meg Wagner, CNN

Updated 12:02 a.m. ET, March 12, 2020
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9:40 p.m. ET, March 10, 2020

No consensus reached on economic stimulus for US during coronavirus outbreak

From CNN's Kaitlan Collins, Lauren Fox and Jeremy Diamond 

There was no consensus reached during President Trump's lunch with Senate Republicans on ways to boost the economy and blunt the impact from the spreading coronavirus, multiple sources tell CNN.

Trump made the rare trip to Capitol Hill Tuesday after promising "major" and "dramatic" economic steps. But while sources familiar with the lunch said a multitude of options were discussed, members emerged without a concrete plan in hand. 

One option the President has pushed that some Republican senators have been skeptical of is a payroll tax cut, which would put extra cash into people's pockets in hopes of boosting the economy. Several have questioned how effective it would be during the outbreak, when more people are being encouraged to stay home. 

According to several sources familiar with the lunch, Trump floated the idea of a permanent payroll tax cut, but also weighed having a temporary cut that lasted for several months. 

While some assumed it would be limited, Trump suggested he wouldn't want the tax cut to expire before the November election, noting at one point that he would get credit from voters if it passed, according to one person familiar. 

Regarding the idea of a permanent tax cut, Indiana Sen. Mike Braun later told CNN, “It’s probably something I wouldn’t do."

Trump's top economic advisers who accompanied him to the lunch have also raised the idea of paid family sick leave and targeted relief for industries hardest hit by the outbreak, like hotels, airlines and cruises.

Leaving the lunch today, Trump offered no details on the discussions, but said, "You'll be hearing about it soon."

9:39 p.m. ET, March 10, 2020

Nearly 300 passengers have departed the Grand Princess cruise ship today

From CNN's Cheri Mossburg

Hundreds of passengers have departed the Grand Princess cruise ship in Oakland, according to California Gov. Gavin Newsom.

About two thirds of those passengers are asymptomatic Californians who are being taken to Travis Air Force Base near Sacramento. The others are residents of other states.

Newsom said the plan is still for US citizens to be taken to Lackland Air Force Base in Texas and Dobbins Air Reserve Base in Georgia.

In an announcement recorded aboard the ship, Capt. John Harry Smith told passengers that the remaining US citizens and UK residents traveling on charter flights are expected to exit the ship today.

The majority of guests are expected to be off the ship by end of day tomorrow, the captain said.

9:39 p.m. ET, March 10, 2020

Top US health official: Americans "can't be doing the kinds of things we were doing a few months ago"

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, provided an update -- and a warning -- on the novel coronavirus at the White House Tuesday.

As of this morning, he said, there are 712 confirmed cases in the US with 27 deaths.

“By this evening, that’s going to be up. The question is, what are we going to do about that?” he said.

Fauci said there are a number of things that can be done to “interfere with the natural flow” of an outbreak such that it infects fewer people, leading to fewer deaths.

“We would like the country to realize that as a nation, we can’t be doing the kinds of things we were doing a few months ago. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a state that has no cases or one case,” Fauci said, referring Americans to the website for precautionary methods for the workplace, home, and commercial establishments.

“If and when the infections will come -- and they will come, sorry to say, sad to say -- when you’re dealing with an infectious disease … we want to be where the infection is going to be, as well as where it is,” Fauci said.

Everyone should be taking those precautions, he said, “whether you live in the zone that has community spread or not.”

“Everybody should say, ‘all hands on deck,’” he said.

Americans who live in places with community spread, according Fauci, should ratchet up those mitigations. That includes the states of Washington, California, New York, and Florida.

9:37 p.m. ET, March 10, 2020

Google recommends US employees work from home

From CNN’s Jon Passantino

Google is recommending all employees in North America work from home for the next month, according to an email shown to CNN.

“Out of an abundance of caution, and for the protection of Alphabet and the broader community, we now recommend the you work from home if your role allows,” the email from Chris Rackow, Google’s vice president of global security, says in part.

All 11 offices in the US and Canada are affected, with the Bay Area and New York offices upgrading from a voluntary work from home status to recommended.

“The goal of businesses moving to work from home (WFH) arrangements it to significantly reduce the density of people and lower the health risk in offices, and also reduce the burden on the local community and health resourced, enabling those in need to get quicker support,” the email states.

Rackow’s email says Google is “carefully monitoring the situation and will update the timeline as necessary.”

9:32 p.m. ET, March 10, 2020

UK's junior health minister has contracted coronavirus

From CNN's Milena Veselinovic and Isa Soares

Nadine Dorries, the UK's junior health minister, has tested positive for coronavirus, UK Department of Health told CNN on Tuesday.

Dorries, who is an MP and health minister for patient safety and suicide prevention, is now in self-isolation and "the usual contract tracing has begun," a spokesperson for the health ministry told CNN. 

UK health minister Matt Hancock tweeted about Dorries, saying: "Really sorry to hear Nadine has tested positive for coronavirus. She has done the right thing by self isolating at home, and both NHS and PHE staff have been brilliant. We all wish her well as she recovers."