'Lost' Shakespeare believed legit. But is it any good?
Professor Brean Hammond speaks to CNN's Jonathan Mann about new research that seems to confirm a previously disputed play was indeed written by Shakespeare.
04:31 - Source: CNN
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'Lost' Shakespeare believed legit. But is it any good?
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View taken on 19 September, 1918, off Mare Island, California, note camouflage.
Massive WWII bomb successfully deactivated
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Police in Canada said $100,000 was discovered during the recycling of an old TV set. The money was returned to the owner after 30 years.
More than $100,000 found in old TV set
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Date Shot:  16 Dec 2015    Location Shot:  McFarland WI
Wife to husband: If you're reading this, I'm dead
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lost dog carolina ohio homeless woman dnt_00013619.jpg
Lost dog helps woman get home for holidays
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dnt treasure found in dresser_00003622.jpg
Man buys dresser, finds treasure inside
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man find puppies trapped inside tank dnt_00001104.jpg
Man finds puppies locked inside fish tank in woods
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Long lost parachute beaver footage cnni_00004809.jpg
Bizarre footage shows parachuting beavers
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apple one rare computer donated_00003203.jpg
Rare $200,000 computer found at recycling company
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pkg man finds box with coins map hand_00012111.jpg
Man discovers human hand, coins in attic
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dnt wedding ring lost atlantic ocean_00013430
Wedding ring lost in the ocean until ...
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pkg man found bag of cash on road_00012420.jpg
Man finds a bag full of cash and ...
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pkg social media helps find owner of 100 year old photos_00003409.jpg
Social media helps find owner of 100-year-old photos
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dnt ca wedding ring found after wildfire_00005607.jpg
Wedding ring found after wildfire
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dnt ground zero wedding photo mystery solved_00002707.jpg
Mystery wedding photo in 9/11 rubble
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