Escaped 'unicorn' sends officers on a wild chase
A pony dressed as a unicorn got spooked and ran away, sending officers on a wild chase. CNN affiliate KGPE reports.
02:13 - Source: KGPE/KSEE
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pony dressed as unicorn escapes pkg_00005013.jpg
Escaped 'unicorn' sends officers on a wild chase
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- Source: KGPE/KSEE
texas woman british accent after surgery pkg_00011729.jpg
Texas woman has British accent after surgery
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- Source: KTRK
light up shoes car fire pkg_00004403.jpg
Did kid's light up shoes cause a car fire?
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- Source: KPRC
scuba diver sucked into nuclear power plant intake pipe pkg_00003720.jpg
Scuba diver sucked into nuclear power plant intake pipe
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- Source: WPTV
Egyptian toddler Ahmed Mansour Qorany Sharara, 3, was sentenced to life in prison.
Egyptian court sentences 3-year-old to life in jail
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- Source: CNN
pkg mother daughter coworkers reunited _00005714.jpg
Co-workers learn they are mother and daughter
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- Source: WKBN
two sets of twins switched at birth silverstein intv nr _00002213.jpg
2 sets of identical twins switched at birth reunite
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- Source: CNN
safety pin girl's nose 6 months pkg_00012921.jpg
Sick 5-year-old blows nose and THIS comes out
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- Source: KCAL/KCBS
nr pakistan baby fingerprinted_00000714.jpg
9-month-old fingerprinted and booked
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- Source: CNN
Blow darts hit walkers golden gate bridge pkg_00000402.jpg
Blow darts strike walkers on Golden Gate Bridge
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- Source: KGO
apartment bleeding wall pkg_00000826.jpg
Bleeding wall leads police to grim discovery
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- Source: KOCO
chile elderly woman six decade old fetus discovery pkg_00002920.jpg
Objects stick to this guy's head
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- Source: WLS
pkg illinois toddler eye cancer_00005613.jpg
Woman discovers she has carried fetus for over 60 years
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- Source: CNN
carnival crewmember elevator accident death florida pkg_00005014.jpg
'Bloody mystery' on Carnival Cruise ship
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- Source: WFTX
dna lab generic
Mom conceives twins with two dads
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- Source: CNN
pkg illinois toddler eye cancer_00005613.jpg
Mom's photo leads to horrifying discovery
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- Source: WREX