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Winter weather grips the US

Much of eastern US in path of major winter storm

What we covered here

  • Coast-to-coast winter: More than 160 million people across the US faced winter weather and flooding thanks to two separate storms, one on each coast.
  • The East: Snow and rain pounded the East Coast from North Carolina to Boston, as flash flood warnings stretched across the Southeast. Parts of the Midwest also saw record snowfall.
  • West: Another storm impacted much of the West, and more snow and cold was expected over the next couple of days.
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What New York City looks like in the snow

A winter storm traveling across the East Coast brought snow to New York City, where a winter weather advisory is in effect until 1 a.m. Thursday.

Here’s a look at what Manhattan looks like today:

Some roads and driveways are flooding in Tennessee

Major flooding was captured on video in Giles County, Tennessee. The clip shows one woman’s driveway, yard, and road covered in standing water.

The region has seen extreme rain and flood watches due to a moist, warmer air mass that’s extended from the Ohio Valley into the Southeast.

See it:

New snowfall record set in Minnesota

A new snowfall record for February was set today in the Twin Cities.

Snowfall levels reached at least 30.4 inches this month and tied a previous record for the 10th snowiest month set in November 1983, according to the National Weather Service.

“This is also the first time we’ve topped 30” since Dec of 2010 (Domebuster!),” the weather service tweeted.

The Grand Canyon could get a foot of snow

Much of the West is also under some sort of winter watch, warning or advisory from Southern Arizona along the Mexican border north to Montana along the Canadian border.

The heaviest snow is expected in northern Arizona and southern Utah. The Grand Canyon could see a foot of snow over the next few days.

Las Vegas is under a winter weather advisory, with the potential for an inch or two of snow tomorrow.

Rare heavy snow is forecast in the mountains in Southern California. Up to two feet of snow is possible in the mountains outside of San Diego.

How the winter weather is affecting US airports

Snow falls at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport in Washington, DC.

Snow and rain are bringing travel delays to much of the East Coast and Midwest, and a second storm is also moving across western states.

Here’s where things stand this afternoon:

  • The winter weather brought nearly 2,000 flight cancellations today in the US overall.
  • There have been more than 800 flight cancelations alone at the three DC-area airports.
  • Delays of two to four hours were reported in New York City-area airports.
  • Chicago is seeing delays of nearly three hours, and more than 400 flights have been canceled.

What Minneapolis-St.Paul airport looks like right now

Good luck flying in, out or through the Twin Cities today. FlightAware’s Misery Map shows a lot of cancellations and delays at the Minneapolis-St.Paul International Airport.

Earlier in the day, poor weather conditions forced all of the airport’s runways to close. Since then, they’ve been able to reopen one runway — despite the still-snowy conditions.

Jim Tomlinson took video of conditions at the airport.


FlightAware's "Misery Map" shows nearly 2,000 canceled flights, another 2,500 delayed

So far today, 1,872 flights into, out of or within the US have been canceled, according to data from FlightAware.

Another 2,496 flights have been delayed.

Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport, Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport and Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport are the most affected, according to FlightAware’s Misery Map.

Many roads in Minnesota are completely covered in snow, officials say

Wednesday is cancelled in Minnesota — at least according to the road conditions.

A map from the National Weather Service shows how many roadways are “completely covered” in snow. It’s a lot.

Take a look for yourself:

This is what it looked like in DC this morning

Winter storm warnings have been posted for Washington and Baltimore, where 3 to 6 inches of snow is expected today. There will likely be sleet and freezing rain later on.

Nearly 700 flights have been cancelled in and out of Washington’s three airports as a result, so travel could be difficult for the remainder of the day.

Here’s a look at what the national’s capitol looked like in the snow this morning:

A US Park Service worker spreads salt along walk way at the Vietnam War Memorial in Washington, DC.
Snow falls as a pedestrian crosses the street in Chinatown in Washington, DC. 

It's happening, New York City — snow has arrived in Midtown

While we’ve yet to see it ourselves, the National Weather Service is reporting that the first snowflakes have started to fall in Midtown Manhattan.

(Rest assured, we’ll bring you a snowy Central Park photo when we can.)

Update: It’s snowing. A photo as promised:

Weather shutters all but one runway at Minneapolis-St.Paul Int'l Airport 

Intense bands of snow and low visibility forced Minneapolis-St.Paul International Airport to close all their runways earlier this morning.

Conditions have barely improved, but they have been able to open one runway.

It's not just snow: Parts of the South and Midwest are under flood watches, too

Flood and flash flood watches stretch from Mississippi and Alabama north to Ohio today, as much of the Southeast and Ohio Valley will continue to see bands of heavy rain and storms.

Heavy rain has already pounded the area, and additional rain totals between 2 and 4 inches are expected over the next couple of days.

Many cities are at risk for significant flooding including…

  • Memphis
  • Nashville
  • Birmingham
  • Louisville
  • Lexington

Thundersnow sweeps through Ohio and Maryland

Intense snow bands moving through the areas are putting on a show today.

An Ohio Department of Transportation picked up some thunder bolts and lightening early this morning.

Later in Cumberland, Maryland, some intense rolling thunder echoed across the area.

What is thundersnow anyway? In simple terms, it is when a storm is strong enough to have thunder, but still cold enough to still have snow and not rain.

The snow will reflect the light, making it seem like you could be standing in a cloud and acts as a dampener, muffling the thunder. It can even act like a prism for the lightening, creating different colors of light like green and blue.

What to expect on the West Coast

The winter storm brining snow and sleet to much of the East Coast isn’t the US’s only one: Another storm will impact much of the west with more snow and cold over the next couple of days.

Here’s what we’re looking out for:

  • Winter watches, warnings advisories stretch from the Mexican to Canadian border
  • Las Vegas is under a winter weather advisory, with up to an inch or two of snow forecast.
  • Heavy snow is expected to fall in the mountains of Southern California.
  • Freeze warnings continue for Phoenix.

Most of the Eastern US will get snow, sleet or freezing rain

A potent winter storm is poised to deliver a mixture of snow, sleet, freezing rain and possible flooding across much of the eastern United States through Thursday.

More than 117 million people in the country, many from the Plains and Midwest to the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast, are under some sort of winter weather watch, warning or advisory. Nearly 20 million are facing a flood warning, watch or a flash flood watch across the Southeast.

Warm moist air streaming north from the Gulf of Mexico will combine with a colder storm system exiting the Rockies to create an expected wintry mix Tuesday night into Wednesday.

Heavy rain fell in the South throughout Tuesday.

Much of the Pacific Northwest is also under winter weather warnings or watches.


Federal offices and Minnesota schools shut down as bitter chill sweeps across the country
Much of eastern US to get snow, sleet or freezing rain
With climate change, what will your city's weather feel like in 60 years?


Federal offices and Minnesota schools shut down as bitter chill sweeps across the country
Much of eastern US to get snow, sleet or freezing rain
With climate change, what will your city's weather feel like in 60 years?