Deadly shooting at video game tournament in Jacksonville, Florida

3:12 p.m. ET, August 26, 2018

Livestream video captured sounds of shooting at gaming tournament

CNN has obtained a video capturing what appears to be the moment gunshots began to ring out while the tournament was being broadcast online.

The video captured the sound of approximately a dozen gunshots, and screams.

Warning this video may be disturbing to some viewers:

3:10 p.m. ET, August 26, 2018

Florida governor says state officials responding to shooting

Florida Gov. Rick Scott says Florida Department of Law Enforcement personnel are responding to the Madden tournament shooting in Jacksonville.

He said he's in contact with the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office.

3:08 p.m. ET, August 26, 2018

Jacksonville sheriff: If you're in hiding, stay there and call 911

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office said officers are finding many people in hiding throughout the Landing, the event area where the mass shooting happened.

The office urged anyone who is hiding to stay calm and stay in their hiding spots.

In a second tweet, the sheriff's office asked anyone in hiding to call 911.

3:00 p.m. ET, August 26, 2018

Witness says victim with a gunshot wound ran into a nearby restaurant moments after shooting

Malik Brunson was at a nearby Hooters when the shooting occurred at the GLHF Game Bar in Jacksonville, Florida.

"I was in Hooters, all I heard was he got a gun and the shooting started," Brunson told CNN. "One of the men ran into hooters with the shot wounds -- they locked us in the restaurant."

He shared the following photo to Facebook:

Malik Brunson/Facebook
Malik Brunson/Facebook

2:58 p.m. ET, August 26, 2018

One suspect is dead at scene

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office's spokesperson said one suspect is dead at the scene of the shooting.

It's unclear if there is a second suspect, but deputies are searching the area.

2:52 p.m. ET, August 26, 2018

Jacksonville mayor calls Madden shooting an “ongoing situation”

Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry says he is contact with Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams regarding the shooting at the Madden Tournament, according to the City of Jacksonville’s verified Twitter account.

Mayor Curry characterized the shooting incident as an “ongoing situation," and said they would address the media later this afternoon.

2:50 p.m. ET, August 26, 2018

Jacksonville sheriff reports multiple fatalities

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office just tweeted that there were "multiple fatalities" at the scene.

They did not release any additional information.