August 25 Jacob Blake protests news

By Meg Wagner and Mike Hayes, CNN

Updated 4:42 AM ET, Wed August 26, 2020
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11:16 a.m. ET, August 25, 2020

Jacob Blake is paralyzed from the waist down, his father says

From CNN's Sara Sidner

Jacob Blake, left, is pictured with his four sons.
Jacob Blake, left, is pictured with his four sons. From Ben Crump/Twitter

Jacob Blake is suffering paralysis from the waist down after being shot several times by a Kenosha police officer according to his father.

Blake's father, Jacob Blake Sr., was unsure if the paralysis is permanent or whether his son would recover some movement in the future.

9:35 a.m. ET, August 25, 2020

Milwaukee county executive: "Black people are not being recognized for being humans"

From CNN's Adrienne Vogt

Milwaukee County Executive David Crowley spoke out about the shooting of Jacob Blake in the nearby city of Kenosha, Wisconsin, saying “Blake’s wounds are a result of systemic racism.” 

“At the end of the day, Black people are not being recognized for being humans,” Crowley told CNN’s John Berman. “The fact that we can't walk in the park, the fact that we can't barbecue in a park, the fact that we can't bird watch and continue to be harassed by individuals or by law enforcement, it is scary for us,” he said. 

Crowley said the video of Blake was “startling” for him to see. Blake was shot as he tried to enter an SUV where his three young sons were inside, according to his family attorney.

“To know that his kids [were] also in the vehicle when he was shot lets you know that this was a true disregard of not only his life, but the traumatic experience his children even experienced,” he said. 

Crowley said he wants to see police officers get de-escalation training and also have officers live in the communities where they work. 

Milwaukee County became one of the first local governments to declare racism a public health crisis in April 2019.


8:55 a.m. ET, August 25, 2020

An investigation into the shooting has begun

From CNN's Christina Maxouris

Kenosha County District Attorney Michael Graveley said Monday an investigation into the Sunday shooting of Jacob Blake has kicked off, but is at its "earliest stages."

The Wisconsin Department of Justice's Division of Criminal Investigation is conducting the investigation, according to Graveley. Once their investigation is complete, the case will be handed over to the district attorney's office for review.

"We're asked to make two determinations based on the evidence that is presented," Graveley said. "One, did any officer, in this case, commit any crimes, and two, are there any crimes that we believe were committed that we can prove beyond a reasonable doubt?"

"If those two things are concluded as a yes, then criminal charges would be brought at the end of that process," he added.

Following the shooting, two Wisconsin police officers were placed on administrative leave, but the local police union has urged the public to withhold judgment until "all the facts are known."

During a news conference Monday, Graveley said he hopes federal prosecutors will conduct a parallel civil rights investigation into Blake's shooting and "prosecute any alleged police misconduct."

8:43 a.m. ET, August 25, 2020

Protests erupted last night in Wisconsin and across the US

From CNN's Christina Maxouris

Buildings and cars in Kenosha, Wisconsin, were set on fire last night during protests reignited by the police shooting of 29-year-old Jacob Blake.

Enraged demonstrators poured onto the streets after video of the shooting began circulating on social media, showing an officer grabbing on to the man's tank top. Seven shots are heard, followed by the sustained sound of a car horn.

Several businesses were on fire late Monday in Kenosha after demonstrators defied the 8 p.m. curfew authorities had set. Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers announced National Guard members would also respond to the city to help "protect critical infrastructure, such as utilities and fire stations and to ensure Kenoshians are able to assemble safely."

Protesters elsewhere also marched Monday, including in New York City, Washington DC and Minneapolis, where at least five people were arrested.

"We will continue showing up until they're tired of killing us," one Manhattan protester told CNN affiliate WLNY.
8:34 a.m. ET, August 25, 2020

A Black father was shot by police as his children watched, attorney says

From CNN's Harmeet Kaur

Protesters in Kenosha, Wisconsin, took to the streets last night to vent their anger over the Sunday shooting of Jacob Blake by police.

If you're just reading in this morning, here's what you need to know:

  • What happened: Blake, a 29-year-old Black father, was shot in the back multiple times by an officer on Sunday as he tried to enter an SUV. Blake's three young children were in the car when he was shot, the attorney representing his family said.
  • His condition: Blake was still in intensive care late yesterday, the lawyer said.
  • About the officers: Two Wisconsin police officers have been put on administrative leave as authorities investigate.
  • Earlier protests: The shooting comes as protesters continue to decry police violence on US streets after the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor.