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Protesters march against Trump’s immigration policy

Updated 4:23 PM EDT, Sat June 30, 2018

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What happened: Crowds took to the streets of US cities Saturday to demand “Families Belong Together” nearly two months after the Trump administration implemented its “zero tolerance” policy toward undocumented immigrants, prompting the separation of thousands of children from their parents.

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Protesters boo and chant "shame" as they pass Trump hotel in DC

Protesters in Washington, DC, have been withstanding insanely hot temperatures to march from Lafayette Square to the White House.

As they marched down Pennsylvania Avenue and passed the Trump hotel, demonstrators shouted “shame, shame, shame” and “hey, hey, ho ho Donald trump has got to go.” Other protesters booed the hotel, and some left protest signs on the barricades surrounding the building

They stopped at the Department of Justice, where shouted the same, but about Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

The crowds chanted “vote them out” as they marched back and forth. Demonstrators held signs that read “Resist” and “Not my president.”

Watch the protesters on the move: