June 3 George Floyd protest news

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9:21 a.m. ET, June 3, 2020

Los Angeles police arrested hundreds of protesters

Earlier tonight, police in Los Angeles began arresting a small group of protesters outside the mayor's residence, hours after curfew.

Many of the protesters were still sitting on the ground, with their hands up together, chanting "Peaceful protest," said CNN Correspondent Kyung Lah on the scene.

"One by one, you see two officers move forward. You can see the two officers move forward, lean down, ask the protester to stand up, turn around, put their hands behind them, and then they're led away," Lah said.

As the protesters were led away, the remaining crowd sitting on the ground cheered for them. The arrested protesters were then lined up against a wall, where they gave the police their information and were bused out to be further processed elsewhere, said Lah.

Compared to the scuffles and arrests taking place in other parts of the country, this scene was remarkably calm and orderly -- in line with the peaceful tone of the protests all day.

"We've been out here for hours with these protesters. It has been incredibly peaceful. We haven't seen any signs in the main protest group of any looting. There was a couple reports of looting but they did not appear to be with these protest groups," Lah said. 

"They have been supportive of one another. People in the apartments and the houses that they've walked by have run out to give them water, encouraging them to keep going."

Hundreds arrested: The Los Angeles Police Department have arrested hundreds of protesters, said spokesperson Tony Im.

The protests took place in different parts of the city and county today, including Hollywood, Downtown Los Angeles, and the residential neighborhood of Hancock Park, where Mayor Eric Garcetti resides.

12:48 a.m. ET, June 3, 2020

Seattle announces evening curfew through June 6

From CNN’s Jennifer Henderson

Seattle Mayor Jenny A. Durkan signed a civil emergency order on Tuesday extending the evening curfew through June 6, according to a copy of the order obtained by CNN.

The curfew extends every night from 9 p.m. local time until 5 a.m. the next morning. In the order, Durkan cited violence and looting as factors prompting the curfew, as well as the dangers of Covid-19 infection that are still present.

The curfew does not apply to law enforcement, emergency personnel, city and government officials, members of the news media authorized in advance, and workers engaged in essential functions like medical care, according to the order. 

Those who violate the curfew could face imprisonment and/or a fine of up to $500.

9:21 a.m. ET, June 3, 2020

Police in New York let peaceful protesters leave the Manhattan Bridge after tense standoff

In New York, tensions were high earlier tonight with protesters on the Manhattan Bridge and police on both sides -- but police eventually allowed protesters to walk away and leave the area.

Protesters holding signs and holding their arms up slowly walked off, back to the Brooklyn side, as police stood to the side.

"We haven't seen them make arrests or taking folks into custody, allowing those on the bridge to make their way off the bridge," said CNN Correspondent Jason Carroll at the scene.

"So far this falls in line with a lot of the tactics we have seen, not just tonight but last night as well, with the police taking a step back -- allowing some of the demonstrators to have their voice," said Carroll.

What happened: Earlier today, some protesters splintered from a larger group demonstrating in Brooklyn.

They tried to cross the Manhattan Bridge into Manhattan, but were stopped by police. They stayed stuck on the bridge, with some fearful of arrests, before turning around and peacefully walking off.

"Police are standing by -- the tactic is take a backseat approach at this point and allow them to continue marching," said Carroll.

12:48 a.m. ET, June 3, 2020

The National Guard in DC is investigating the use of military helicopters yesterday

The National Guard in Washington, DC, is now investigating the actions of their helicopters on Monday night, it said.

Late Monday night, helicopters were seen doing slow, low-level passes over crowds, and hovering in what appeared to be attempts to disperse the protesters.

Pentagon spokesperson Lt. Col. Chris Mitchell told CNN on Tuesday that the UH-72 aircraft had been flying to "provide observation of DC National Guard positions as they conducted civil unrest operations," and had not been dispatched as part of law enforcement operations.

The DC National Guard tweeted Tuesday night, “DCNG Commanding General has directed an investigation into the actions of our rotary aviation assets June 1. Our priority is the safety of our Guardsmen who support civil authorities. We are dedicated to ensuring the safety of citizens and their right to protest.”
9:21 a.m. ET, June 3, 2020

Peaceful protesters in Washington, DC, left the White House area on Tuesday night

Many protesters in Washington, DC, peacefully walked away from Lafayette Square, heading north to the DuPont neighborhood after gathering near the park for hours past curfew.

A rolling police department bike squad slowly followed them up the streets, away from the White House.

It had been a more peaceful, quiet night than the previous few, after scenes of tear gas and police clashes with protesters in the Lafayette Square area this week.

The curfew in DC went into effect at 7 p.m. local time.

9:21 a.m. ET, June 3, 2020

14,000 complaints were filed against Seattle police officers after weekend protests

From CNN’s Jennifer Henderson

The Seattle Office of Police Accountability received about 14,000 complaints concerning the conduct of Seattle police officers during this past weekend’s demonstrations, said spokesperson Anne Bettesworth.

Here are just a few of the allegations in the complaints:

  • Pepper spraying a young girl and other peaceful protesters
  • Punching a person on the ground who was being arrested
  • Placing a knee on the neck area of two people who had been arrested
  • Covering up officer badge numbers
  • Failing to record police activity on body cameras
  • Officers breaking windows of a Target store

The subsequent investigations will be led by civilians and will be “as transparent as possible given the law and police collective bargaining agreements," said a press release from the city.

12:48 a.m. ET, June 3, 2020

Pentagon moves 1,600 active duty troops into the DC area to assist civil authorities

From CNN's Mike Callahan

The Pentagon confirmed Tuesday night that about 1,600 active duty troops had been moved from Fort Bragg and Fort Drum to the Washington, DC area to assist civil authorities if needed.  

No active duty forces have been deployed in DC as of now, but the “active duty elements are postured on military bases in the National Capitol Region,” said Pentagon Chief spokesman Jonathan Hoffman in a statement, describing the movement as a "prudent planning measure."

The troops “are on heightened alert status but remain under Title X authority and are not participating in defense support to civil authority operations,” Hoffman said.

CNN previously reported that troops from Fort Bragg were being moved in the DC area on Monday night.

President Donald Trump’s announcement Monday that he is ready to deploy the military to enforce order inside the United States has led to discomfort among some in the Pentagon, defense officials have told CNN.

Some Pentagon officials have tried to make a strong case that the situation does not yet call for deploying active duty troops unless state governors make a clear argument that such forces are needed. 

"There is an intense desire for local law enforcement to be in charge," a defense official said, alluding to the laws that forbid the military from performing law enforcement roles inside the US.