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Vintage train, haute food in Zambia

Lidz-Ama Appiah and Eliza Anyangwe, for CNNPublished 18th June 2015
Livingston, Zambia (CNN) — Tourists have long visited the Victoria Falls in Zambia but now a new attraction will bring foodies to the the town of Livingston as well as thrill-seekers.
The Royal Livingston Express is a 20th-century steam train that was lovingly restored over a period of 10 years and now takes guests on a tour of the falls. Though the visuals are amazing, guests can indulge in another sense: taste.
Because the train's technology belongs to another century, it's not possible to cook the extraordinary five-course meal customers are served on board. Instead, the catering team does all their prep work at the Royal Livingston Hotel. The multinational menu includes everything from red pepper gazpacho to curry, and though it's styled to please an international palette, the ingredients are all local to Zambia.
For an inside look aboard Zambia's culinary train, watch the video below.
CNN's Inside Africa travels to Zambia to get a taste of the country's culinary delicacies.