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12 amazingly quirky pods for campers

Karla Cripps, CNNUpdated 10th August 2015
(CNN) — It's camping, but not as you know it.
UrbanCampsite Amsterdam, an open-air exhibition on an artificial island about 20 minutes outside the Dutch city, allows lovers of the great outdoors to sleep inside one of 12 quirky art installations created by local designers.
Nobody's saying you can't cook s'mores over the fire as you sing Kumbaya.
But instead of a regular tent, you'll be retiring to a bedbug-inspired pod or a two-man "Kite Cabin."
Some of the 12 installations look surprisingly cozy.
A few even fun, like the tent/trampoline hybrid, a.k.a. the "Trampotent."
And then there are the ones you'll talk about in hushed tones to your therapist for years to come.

On the IJmeer next to the Blijburg

Much like traditional tenting, none of the pods come with electricity. They vary in size though all have a comfortable bed, promise the UrbanCampsite Amsterdam founders.
Every year, the campsite is set up in different spot in or around the city.
This year's site is located in the middle of the "IJmeer" -- an artificial island next to Blijburg, Amsterdam's popular city beach.
There are showers and toilets, though guests need to bring their own towels and toiletries.
Amenities include a fireplace, hammocks and small kitchen.
The campground will be open to guests until August 31.
All of the installations, most of which cost $96 per night, can be booked through Airbnb.