Passengers rushed off flight in Denver after reports of smoke and fire

David Williams, CNNPublished 13th July 2022
United Airlines Holdings Inc. planes parked at gates at Denver International Airport in Denver, Colorado, U.S., on Thursday, April 8, 2021. U.S. airlines are bringing back more pilots as they prepare for an expected travel rebound.
(CNN) — Passengers aboard a United Airlines flight from Kansas City, Missouri, to Denver, Colorado, had to be rushed off the plane on Tuesday after reports of smoke and fire under the aircraft, according to a statement from Denver International Airport.
No injuries were reported, according to the airport's statement.
"United flight 1658 from Kansas City landed normally in Denver and proceeded to the gate," United Airlines said in a statement. "Due to smoke indicating that brakes may have overheated, some customers exited the plane using the slides while others deplaned using the jet bridge."
Passenger Adrian Hartwell shot video of passengers getting off the plane and the flight crew urging them to leave their bags on board.
"Leave your bags, leave your bags! Come this way, come this way!," flight attendants are heard shouting in the video clip.
"We were landing, and the pilot came on the intercom saying everyone needs to get off of the plane. The flight attendants then rushed everyone off of the plane," he said.
Hartwell said passengers exited the plane in about a minute and a half.
"I was kind of panicked but also I was glad we were on the ground already," he said.
Denver Fire Department responded at the gate and said on Twitter that firefighters quickly put out the small fire.