TripAdvisor names its 10 destinations on the rise

Katia Hetter, CNNUpdated 4th December 2014
(CNN) — These may soon be 10 of the most popular destinations in the world.
Our advice: Visit them before everyone else does.
Travel site TripAdvisor revealed its Travelers' Choice Destinations on the Rise awards on Tuesday. The awards highlight spots around the world that have received the greatest increase in positive feedback and interest from TripAdvisor members, year over year.
The top spot in the world is Da Nang, Vietnam, is known for its Buddhist sanctuaries, tranquil beaches and culinary tours.
"The TripAdvisor community has helped surface some unheralded destinations across the globe that are receiving rave reviews from travelers worldwide," said Barbara Messing, chief marketing officer for TripAdvisor. "These award-winners offer highly rated options for accommodations, restaurants and activities to inspire those planning their vacations for the new year."
Top 10 Travelers' Choice Destinations on the Rise around the world
1. Da Nang, Vietnam
2. Sihanoukville, Cambodia
3. Limassol, Cyprus
4. Ao Nang, Thailand
5. Bodrum City, Turkey
6. Naha, Japan
7. Hurghada, Egypt
8. Kazan, Russia
9. Manaus, Brazil
10. Eilat, Israel