Jet lag cure, sunblock pills and 15 other travel inventions we need now

CNN  — 

Travel has come a long way since the days when crossing the Atlantic meant a week of dodging icebergs and DiCaprio in a steam-powered tub.

Thanks to tech leaps in aviation, computing and deodorants, trotting the globe has never been more easy, or more fragrant.

But let’s face it, there’s still a ways to go.

Doubtless, scientists not engaged in eradicating disease or saving the planet are working overtime to make our vacations even better.

Just to give them a steer, we’ve come up with some things they might want to turn their minds to.

Clearly, teleportation tops everyone’s list, but we realize it’s only marginally less likely than getting six hours’ uninterrupted sleep in economy class.

So, we’ve tried to be realistic. Click through the gallery above to see what we came up with.

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