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It might be thousands of miles from Scandinavia, but this Viking-themed restaurant offers a contemporary interpretation of Norse traditions Down Under.

Mjølner restaurant first originated in Sydney and there’s a recently opened outpost in Melbourne, named after Thor’s famous hammer.

Of course, Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth, is a proud Aussie and featured in a recent Crocodile Dundee-themed tourism ad for Australia, so it’s only fitting the feasting halls of Asgard are being recreated in Oz.

Traditional cuisine

Both restaurants are dark-lit, cozy spaces that juxtapose traditional Norse elements with a 21st century vibe. Picture a speakeasy-style bar, which just happens to serve classic medieval dishes like The Trencher, a hollowed-out loaf of bread stuffed with slow cooked meats.

Guests find themselves surrounded by antique swords, drink Whisky from horns and eat with a selection of impressive handmade knives.

The menu is pretty meat heavy – and animal hides hang from the walls, so this maybe isn’t one for the vegans.

Modern interpretation

Mjølner serves medieval dish The Trencher, pictured here.

Mjølner also has modern elements in the mix: the soundtrack is mostly hip hop and the leather booths and exposed brick walls wouldn’t look out of place in a New York hipster bar.

It’s all eminently Instagrammable – you can check out the chic interior on Mjølner’s Instagram and Facebook accounts for Sydney and Melbourne.

The popular restaurants are the brainchild of the Speakeasy Group’s Norwegian owner and director, Sven Almenning. Almenning and his business partner Greg Sanderson fulfilled their vision of an earthly version of Thor’s world – with great food and drink to boot.

The venue’s motto?

“May Odin give you knowledge on your path. May Thor grant you strength and courage on your way. And may Loki give you laughter as you go. Skål.”

And who knows, maybe Chris Hemsworth will be seated at the table next to you.