Zion superyacht concept
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As record numbers of superyachts enter the market, designers have been pushing the limits further and further in order to ensure their concepts stand out.

Over the past few years, we’ve seen various outlandish yacht designs inspired by spaceships, sharks, post-apocalyptic movies, and even origami.

However, this new concept from Indian yacht design studio Bhushan Powar Design might just be one of the most eye-catching to date.

The 110-meter vessel, named Zion, features a stunning glass dome that looks like a gigantic eye, or a “black hole.”

Eye-catching design

A rendering of Zion, the latest superyacht concept from award-winning design studio Bhushan Powar Design.

Serving as a viewing platform for those on board the superyacht, it offers 360-degree views, and will no doubt attract maximum attention while at sea.

“Our concept attracts eyes with its modern elegance and surprises the owner with the mysteries of the deep,” say the designers, before pointing out that black holes – points in space so dense that they create deep gravity sinks – “attract energy.”

Aside from the dome, which is clearly its stand out feature, Zion will have a glass bottom infinity swimming pool, as well as a glass elevator that travels from deck to deck.

A flybridge where passengers can lounge and enjoy the views “in all weather conditions” and a 12-meter helipad are both situated on the upper deck of the vessel, which has an aluminum structure.

Impressive amenities

A computer-generated image of the vessel, which will feature a 12-meter helipad and a glass bottom infinity swimming pool.

There are 10 luxurious staterooms on board and a master suite on the main deck with electrically operated sky lounge balconies.

The lower deck is made up of a beach club area with a gym and an open garden space that can be transformed into a spacious sunbathing lounge via foldout terraces on either side.

Zion, which has an estimated price tag of between $500 and $600 million, will also hold a large tender garage filled with jet skis and several other water toys.

While it’s just a concept at present, the design studio’s founder Bhushan Powar is hopeful that Zion may become a reality one day.

However, he admits that it will take a lot of time and research to determine whether this is possible.

Based in Goa, Bhushan Powar Design launched in 2019 and is described as the “first luxury yacht design studio in India.”

Innovative concepts

The designer's took inspiration from the black hole phenomenon when devising the concept.

The studio’s concepts are largely influenced by the Arabian Sea, says Powar.

In 2019, the design team unveiled Mori, a 90-meter superyacht concept that took inspiration from the shortfin mako shark.

Zion is one of a number of innovative that have been revealed this year. Rome-based design company Lazzarini Design Studio recently unveiled Air Yacht, a new concept that can “sail in the sky” as well as the ocean.

Meanwhile, fellow Italian design studio SkyStyle showcased its latest design Unique 71, a 71-meter superyacht shaped like a knife, in January.

Top image credit: Bhushan Powar Design