Woman gives birth on plane, names baby after airline

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Baby born on Jetstar plane named after airline

Mother and baby reportedly in good health

CNN  — 

Chances are baby boy Saw Jet Star will raise more than a few eyebrows when he’s old enough to explain the story behind his unique name.

His mom, who gave birth on Jetstar flight 3K583 from Singapore to Myanmar last week, named the newborn after the airline.

Weighing six pounds and seven ounces, the baby was safely delivered on the plane by a team of three doctors and crew after landing in Yangon on April 22, according to Jetstar Asia’s Facebook statement.

Plane passengers welcomed the baby’s birth with a round of applause, Singapore’s Straits Times newspaper reported.

Both the mother – who unexpectedly went into labor during the three-hour journey – and the baby are reportedly in good health and have since been discharged from the hospital.

The low-cost carrier said it would donate SGD1,000 (around $745) worth of baby supplies to the family.

Jetstar’s policy requires a doctor’s letter from pregnant passengers entering their third trimester, at 28 weeks or more, certifying they are in good health.

Women up to 40 weeks pregnant are allowed to travel on flights less than four hours long.

The airline has yet to respond to CNN’s request for further information on the birth.

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