A Cape Cod beach was temporarily closed after police reported several white sharks near beachgoers

Leah Asmelash and Katherine Dillinger, CNNUpdated 2nd August 2019
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(CNN) — Headed to Cape Cod? You might have company.
Longnook Beach in Truro, Massachusetts, was temporarily closed Thursday after the State Police Air Wing spotted multiple white sharks swimming close to shore, police said.
Sharks are pretty frequent vacationers at Cape Cod. There was a shark sighting on Newcomb Hollow Beach just two days before this sighting.
Earlier in July, a great white shark jumped in front of a fishing boat near the cape. Researchers have also said they've seen shark numbers in Cape Cod increase over the years, due to their protected status and the growing seal population.
Though you're more likely to die from fireworks than from shark attacks, it's still important to stay safe. Last year, a swimmer died in a shark attack at a Cape Cod beach, which officials said was believed to be the first fatal attack in Massachusetts in over 80 years.
The Florida Museum, which conducts research on sharks and tracks shark attacks, recommends that beachgoers make sure to stay close to shore, swim with a buddy and avoid excessive splashing.