Can't use laptop? Royal Jordanian suggests meditation, small talk

Delaney Strunk, CNNPublished 23rd March 2017
Passengers will now be required to check large electronic devices before boarding their plane.
(CNN) — Not sure what to do on a 12-hour flight without your precious laptop or tablet? Royal Jordanian has a few ideas.
The airline tweeted a photo listing 12 activities to help kill time during a long flight. Suggestions include meditating and even, "engage in primitive dialogue from the pre-internet era." Pretty crazy ideas, right?
This list is Royal Jordanian's response to the electronics ban announced earlier this week that will prohibit flyers from accessing their laptops and tablets during international flights from eight countries.
Royal Jordanian isn't the only airline having a little fun with the ban. Emirates released a video on Tuesday showing actress Jennifer Aniston enjoying their on board media system stacked with 2,500 different channels of movies and TV shows.
Flying 12 hours without a laptop may not be ideal, but as Royal Jordanian points out, maybe it's time to try something new -- such as actually talking to the person sitting next to you.