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Qantas cracks down on badly dressed lounge visitors

Karla Cripps, CNNUpdated 17th February 2015
Following a string of complaints, Qantas says from April 1 travelers heading for domestic Qantas Clubs and Business Lounges may be barred entry if they aren't properly dressed.
(CNN) — Travelers flying with Qantas who hope to enjoy some pre-flight lounge time will want to keep their flip flops and shorts packed till they get to the beach.
The Australian airline says it's planning to more strictly enforce its "smart casual" dress code following complaints from passengers about the appearance of their fellow fliers.
According to a statement from the airline released to CNN, from April 1 travelers visiting domestic Qantas Clubs and Business Lounges in Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney airports will "receive a friendly reminder" about the smart casual dress guidelines that apply.
Customers may be refused entry at the discretion of the lounge staff if they do not meet the appropriate standard.
The airline isn't asking passengers to don a suit and tie, but to avoid wearing things like sleeveless t-shirts, bare feet and rubber flip flops.
Basically, no 'bogan' attire.
"The vast majority of our members meet and exceed the guidelines, but we have had some feedback from customers that they want to see those guidelines apply to everyone," says Helen Gray, Qantas' head of Domestic Product & Service.
"The dress guidelines for our lounges are the same as most restaurants and clubs."
Until April, Qantas says signage will be displayed at the entry of the lounge and staff will be reminding customers of the guidelines.
It would appear many people agree with the airline.
A poll on website Australian Business Traveller asked: "Should Qantas enforce its 'smart casual' dress code at airport lounges?"
Of the more than 3,000 who voted, 84.24% responded "yes."