New panda center opens, cute meter pegged

CNN staffUpdated 13th May 2016
(CNN) — "Adorable" is a highly prized virtue among travelers.
It's why we love koalas.
And Hello Kitty.
And avuncular ancient dudes sipping fiery booze or playing accordions outside Mediterranean cafes.
Nothing, however, spikes the "awwww" meter quite like the beloved panda.
Which is why we admit to being captivated by this week's opening of Shenshuping Panda Center in Wenchuan County, Sichuan Province in southwest China.
Seven pandas, born last year, are the prime attraction at the new center, which houses 59 giant pandas in total.
The center is located in the Wolong National Natural Reserve, an area badly damaged in the Wenchuan Earthquake on May 12, 2008.
"The Shenshuping Panda Center will be responsible for artificially bred pandas' wildness training and reintroduction and provide support for scientific research and protection of pandas," said Li Desheng, deputy director of Wolong National Natural Reserve Administration.
According to an AVN/CCTV report, most giant pandas in the center are housed in caged, semi-natural enclosures, consisting of indoor and outdoor areas.
The pandas are kept at the center until they can adapt to the natural environment and be released back into the wild.
That's even better than cute.
Celebrating her 37th birthday at Ocean Park in Hong Kong, Jia Jia claims the title of oldest ever panda living in captivity