One flower farm had a special message for tourists missing this year's bloom.

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CNN  — 

Every year, tourists descend on the Netherlands to revel in the bright and colorful tulip fields. But with coronavirus putting many travel plans on hold, tourists have been notably absent this year.

That’s why Dutch Daffodils, a Dutch family flower farm, and Tulips in Holland, a travel blog dedicated to the tulips in the Netherlands, teamed up to create a special message for those sad about missing the flowers this year.

“We headed the tulips a bit earlier to write this message. From our families to yours!” Dutch Daffodils wrote in a Facebook post, along with “See You Next Year” written in the flowers, along with a heart. “We hope that this brighten your day a bit and we hope to see you next year! Much love!”

The Netherlands has more than 38,000 confirmed coronavirus cases, according to data from Johns Hopkins University.

Since the virus’s outbreak, the travel industry has been significantly affected, as many countries have banned visitors during this time. As a result, many hotels and other travel-adjacent industries have suffered.