Get paid $1,000 to digitally detox in nature

Stacey Lastoe, CNNUpdated 24th August 2020
JOSHUA TREE NATIONAL PARK, CALIFORNIA - MAY 18: A road leads toward rock formations in Joshua Tree National Park one day after the park reopened after being closed for two months due to the coronavirus pandemic on May 18, 2020 in Joshua Tree National Park, California.  Trails, parking lots, and some camping facilities were open although visitors were scarce today as the spread of COVID-19 continues.  (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)
(CNN) — Pics or it didn't happen, right?
While this catchphrase has been used widely to encourage and sometimes excuse incessant documentation of one's everyday and extraordinary activities, in practice it's led to being plugged in all the time.
The result is "Zoom fatigue" and less time being physically active, according to Satellite Internet, a company that sells -- you guessed it -- satellite internet, which is used primarily in rural areas.
The Salt Lake City-based company has taken it upon itself to provide a respite from tech to one lucky applicant in the form of a 48-hour dream job.

No signal

The randomly selected winner will be remunerated for going 48 hours without technology of any sort.
Satellite Internet will reimburse the winner for an RV rental (and food) up to $1,000.
Satellite Internet will reimburse the winner for an RV rental (and food) up to $1,000.
The person who wins will receive $1,000 for eschewing all social media, logging out of Slack and email and Twitter.
The catch — or is it the bonus? — is that the 48 hours must take place in an RV (and its surroundings) in a US national park. The RV will not be provided, but the cost to rent (up to $1,000) will be reimbursed, separate from the $1,000 for completing the detox.
Tim Tincher, staff researcher, says they did something similar last year, but the winner had to stay in the Joshua Tree National Park, not choose from the US parks.
Tincher says "We know that staying connected has become more important than ever but that doesn't mean we're still prone to too much screen time."

Great outdoors

Although Covid-19 has led to a return to nature and an appreciation for the great outdoors, the folks at Satellite Internet say "we wanted to find a way to help someone tune out the world and get back in tune with nature," since it's one thing to go on a hike and let all your social media followers know you've become one with nature and it's another thing to go on a hike and leave your buzzing phone behind.
The winner of the digital detox weekend can choose whichever national park they'd like.
The winner of the digital detox weekend can choose whichever national park they'd like.
The selected detoxer must be 25 years or older, have a valid driver's license and be eligible to work in the US. A winner will be chosen on September 23, 2020, at 11:59 p.m.; dates of travel are up to the individual.
Technology will be allowed to reach the destination -- and any national park can be chosen -- but once the RV's campsite is accessed, the phone and computer and whatever other pieces of tech you're addicted accustomed to, will be prohibited.
The winner does not have to brave the elements alone, however. Tincher says they are free to bring along whoever they choose.
At the end of the 48-hour digital detox, Satellite Internet will provide a mobile hotspot for you to share your digital detox experience online.
Hey, recap or it didn't happen.