Manchester: Treated to an unexpected 4 a.m. display of manly chest hair.
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Most of us have accidentally left our hotel room without the door key.

Not so many have left our hotel room without our clothes – and done it while we’re still fast asleep.

That was the scenario facing one poor soul who sleepwalked, completely naked, out of his hotel and onto the streets of Manchester, England at 4 a.m. on Sunday.

He reportedly tried to hail a taxi.

Thankfully, police were soon on the scene and able to lend jackets to the man as they escorted him back through a city not known for its balmy temperatures.

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“Officers attended and established that the person had been sleeping with no clothes on in a nearby hotel, and had sleepwalked out onto the street,” a police source told the Manchester Evening News.

The source said that once they’d established the man was a genuine sleepwalker and not taking part in a prank, the police officers stepped in to help.

“Officers lent the person their jackets to protect what remained of their modesty and accompanied them back to the hotel.”

Police Inspector Phil Spurgeon told the newspaper that the sleepwalker saw the funny side of the incident and tried to get a selfie with the officers.

What’s the likelihood he also tried to get some pajamas before heading back to bed?

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