Anthony Bourdain

Massachusetts: Digging deep

Updated 25th March 2015
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(CNN) — Anthony Bourdain digs into his past in Massachusetts. Tony's first stop is Provincetown, where he worked in a kitchen for the very first time back in the early 1970s. It is also where Tony -- who is quite open about the heroin addiction he kicked decades ago -- was first introduced to drugs.
Bourdain spends a day at sea with Scott and Beau, who are fourth generation fisherman -- scallopers, to be exact. They open up about how each day's catch, and therefore the day's take-home pay, can never be predicted. Scott and Beau explain how the industry is changing, making it increasingly difficult for independent fishermen to continue the traditions their families have held sacred for generations.
Tony visits one of his old haunts: The Lobster Pot, a legendary waterfront restaurant in Provincetown, Mass. Sun., 9pE/P
Tony then heads to Franklin County to learn more about the heroin epidemic that is gripping the area, not unlike multiple rural New England communities. He speaks to a local detective and other concerned citizens about battling addiction in the community.
On a lighter note, Tony also visits People's Pint, an eco-conscious local brewery and gastropub that relies totally on food and resources within a 20 mile-radius and composts nearly all of its refuse.
Tony also makes a stop at the second-oldest bowling alley in America for some candlepin bowling, going head-to-head with the Holy Rollers, a team of septuagenarians.