Marc Forgione and his ‘dysfunctional family’ of super foodies

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Chef Marc Forgione is a star on New York's dining scene

Forgione has refined his kitchen skills since he was 16

He says his staff are key to his success

New York CNN  — 

Chef and restaurateur Marc Forgione has been riding the wave of success since he won his first coveted Michelin star in 2010.

He now runs several restaurants across the United States, including his flagship rustic-chic dining space in the heart of Manhattan’s Tribeca neighborhood: “Restaurant Marc Forgione.”

The New York Times has describe his food as “three times better than it needs to be” but although he’s not afraid to experiment with unconventional dishes like roasted suckling pig face, he says food shouldn’t be overcomplicated. “It’s not something that you have to spend hours contemplating your soul before you put it in your mouth,” he told CNN.

“Food is something that soothes your soul, it makes people happy.”

Marc Forgione's suckling pig face.

His father, chef Larry Forgione, was an American culinary icon in the 70s and 80s, and Marc first worked in the kitchen of Larry’s restaurant “An American Place,” aged 16. He then studied hotel and restaurant management, before traveling to France to learn more about French cuisine.

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While he worked hard to be where he is, Forgione says he wouldn’t have got there without the help of those around him.