The Los Angeles Zoo's first baby gorilla in more than 20 years is a girl

Francisco Guzman and Brian Ries, CNNUpdated 12th February 2020
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(CNN) — It's a girl!
The Los Angeles Zoo announced on Instagram that the gorilla born there in mid-January is a girl. The gorilla, which remains unnamed, is the first to be born at the zoo in over 20 years.
Its mother, N'djia, a 25-year-old western lowland gorilla, is doing well.
"This historic birth is a step forward for western lowland gorilla conservation," CEO & Zoo Director of the Los Angeles Zoo Denise Verret said in a press release. "For the first time in over two decades, Angelenos will now have a unique opportunity to watch this gorilla baby grow up at the LA Zoo."
Since the birth, N'djia has returned to her favorite sunny spot to rest and nurse. The two have gradually joined the rest of the troop which includes the father, a 32-year-old male silverback gorilla named Kelly.
The baby hasn't been strong enough to hang on her mother's back, so N'djia has carried her against her chest.
"I want to thank our dedicated animal care and animal health teams who have worked tirelessly monitoring N'djia and her baby's progress," Verret said.
The two gorillas are still bonding, so visitors have been asked to keep their voices to a minimum and quiet their oohs & aahs.