Jordan on Instagram: Beautiful photos you won't find on a postcard

Updated 25th June 2015
Amman, Jordan (CNN) — From the spectacular Roman ruins nestled among the seven hills of Amman to the "vast, echoing and God-like" dunes of Wadi Rum, as T.E. Lawrence once described them, Jordan has it all.
This week, we asked Jordan's Instagrammers to shine a light -- and a lens -- on the things that make the country unique.
Local photographer Farah Foudeh took over the @CNN, @CNNTravel and @CNNArabic Instagram accounts -- and you also chipped in with your best shots of the quintessential Jordan.
"A Bedouin guide shows his guests around the rock formations in Wadi Rum. Tourism is the main source of income for the Bedouins in the Rum desert."
"A Bedouin rug shop owner speaks to customers in Madaba. Tribal weaving is a slowly-dying art in Jordan, but there are efforts under way to revive the craft."
"The owner of a garden shop in Amman awaits the arrival of customers on a sunny Ramadan day. The days feel longer during the Muslim holy month."
"A woman takes a break at Duke's Diwan, one of the oldest buildings in Amman. Its doors are open to visitors wishing to peruse the Duke's collection of books and art."
"A girl explores a mural in Ras Al Ein Hanger -- part of the annual Baladk Street art festival that aims to cover the walls of Jordan in color."
"A quiet Bedouin campsite burrowed into the red sands of Wadi Rum, which is also known as the valley of the moon."
"A girl peruses the paintings in Souq Jara, a Friday market in Amman off Rainbow Street, where cafes, shops and galleries line the streets."
"A group of teens hang out on Rainbow Street after a visit to Souq Jara, a market in Amman where people sell artwork, antiques and delicious food."
"A farmer tends to her sunflowers on a field in Al Salt. Jordan lies within the solar belt of the world and enjoys around 330 days of sunshine."
"A spice shop owner in downtown Amman calls out to a passing customer ahead of iftar, the evening meal that breaks the Ramadan fast."
"Taking the alternative route to view the Treasury from above in Petra gives you the chance to really appreciate the natural beauty of the rock formations."
A girl walks by Chaplin's comedy club on a Ramadan night in Jabal Al Weibdeh, one of Amman's oldest districts."

What you saw

Farah Foudeh wasn't the only one on the lookout for the beauty scattered across Jordan -- hundreds of readers posted their personal favorites using #CNNJordan, and this is what they showed us.