17 signs you're probably in Jordan

Nick Thompson and Alyssa Jackson, CNNUpdated 23rd June 2015
Editor's Note — We're in Amman this week -- got a question about Jordan? Let us know in the comments below and we'll answer the best ones on Connect the World on Thursday at 6 p.m. Amman time.
Amman, Jordan (CNN) — Jordan may be an oasis of relative tranquility in a troubled neighborhood, but it's anything but boring.
The ivory-colored buildings dotting Amman's seven hills have earned the capital the nickname "The White City" -- but it's the reds, greens, and blues of Jordan's diverse and breathtaking scenery that really steal the show.
We asked you to finish the following sentence: "You know you're in Jordan when..."
... and you didn't disappoint. Using the hashtag #CNNJordan, you told us what to look out for, where to eat, and where to get photo-bombed by the locals.
Here are 17 signs you're probably in Jordan, chosen by you.

1. When -- let's get this out of the way right now -- you see Petra.

2. When the scenery's so beautiful, sometimes you just have to get married here.

3. When your shoot gets interrupted by the locals.

4. When the wardrobe choices start to get difficult.

5. When sometimes it's OK to hit rock bottom.

6. When you can't stop thinking of Harrison Ford.

7. When you get a leg-up from the bedouins.

8. When the countryside's not the only thing to explore.

9. When wherever you go, the King is never out of sight ...

10. ... but when the Queen is the real star of the show.

11. When everyone's thinking ahead.

12. When people really mean it when they say "ahlan wa sahlan."

13. When you're constantly stuffing your face.

14. When faiths collide, but in a good way.

15. When the Ramadan spirit runs through the place.

16. When there's potential around every corner.

17. When you can't bear the thought of going back to your desk.

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