A church built a massive baby Jesus statue that sure looks a lot like Phil Collins

Scottie Andrew, CNN Updated 23rd November 2019
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(CNN) — A church in Zacatecas, Mexico, commissioned what it calls the largest statue of baby Jesus in the world. But the internet is hung up on how eerily similar it looks to a certain '80s frontman.
No, this towering, nearly 22-foot statue of the Son of God that presides over the Parish of the Epiphany of the Lord was not modeled after Phil Collins. Insert Genesis/Book of Genesis pun here.
Rev. Humberto Rodriguez told CNN he didn't set out to create the largest-ever sculpture of the Son of God.
"It is an unprecedented work," he said.
He also probably did not plan for the statue to so closely resemble the songwriter behind the Oscar-winning "Tarzan" soundtrack when he still had hair.
The statue took a full year to create and traveled from the State of Mexico to its current home in the church, causing a commotion among passing motorists as its pupil-less eyes peered unblinking into theirs.
The statue's piercing blue irises also call to mind one Nicolas Cage if his face were a bit rounder (it's the long, narrow nose, right?).
According to the Bible, Jesus was born in Bethlehem, not London as Collins was several centuries later. And unlike the Son of God, Collins has never made wine from water, much less lead an entire religion.
But is this better or worse than the botched restoration of a centuries-old Jesus?