No joke: Inflight meals delivered to your home

Barry Neild, CNNUpdated 3rd October 2014
(CNN) — Strange though it might seem, there are people who love inflight meals.
Stranger still, there are people who love inflight meals so much they want to eat them at home.
That's the premise behind a new venture that's begun making deliveries of airline-style dinners to addresses in Germany.
"Some of our customers called us and said we love to eat fresh food, but we don't want to have convenience food," says Max Thinius of online produce retailer
To answer their call, in August the company teamed with LSG Sky Chefs, the catering arm of German airline Lufthansa to launch Air Food One.
Still in an eight-week trial period that Thinius describes as its "pre-pre-pilot stage," the service currently makes once-weekly deliveries in Germany's Dusseldorf and Cologne regions of meals inspired by Lufthansa's business class menus.
Menus include steak filets, chicken in pepper sauce and fried cod and retail at about $13. There are also vegetarian options.
Thinius says the meals appeal to working parents with kids to feed and to busy business travelers who perhaps don't want to go cold turkey after several days of tucking into delicious airplane food.
Menu testing
Air Food One's meals are better than the inflight equivalent, he insists, because they're delivered fresh for customers to heat up themselves instead of being precooked and packed into the metal crates used by commercial aviation caterers.
There's also the advantage of being able to eat them with real metal cutlery and -- depending on the customer's domestic setup -- without being repeatedly jostled by the person in the next seat.
"They're astonishingly OK," says Thinius. "I didn't think one could do such stuff that you heat and eat it, but it works.
"It's not as good as if you cook yourself -- unless you can't cook properly -- but it's OK."
The pilot service appears to be going well so far, he adds, but it's still too early to tell if it'll be rolled out further afield.
"If it will be successful we will of course expand, if it's not, we won't. There's a lot of things we have to test, not just if the meals are liked by the customers, but also the logistics."
So for the time being, the rest of us will have to suffer the inconvenience of long-haul travel if we're hungry for inflight flavors.
Or we could just settle for a sandwich.
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