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Hyperloop Hotel: High-tech lodging and transport of the future?

Francesca Street, CNNPublished 23rd June 2017
(CNN) — What if your flight, your car and your hotel were all combined into one luxury, high-tech transit complex?
That's the idea behind Brandan Siebrecht's Hyperloop Hotel -- an inventive solution to 21st century traveling.
Siebrecht, a graduate architect at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, is this year's student recipient of the Radical Innovation Award. This annual prize celebrates visionary hotel designs for the future.
Siebrecht's design features a series of transportable rooms, transported across the United States through reduced-pressure tubes -- via the Hyperloop system.

"Broadband for transportation"

Hyperloop Transportation Technologies started to build its first passenger capsule for this high speed transportation system.
Hyperloop is the brainchild of Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who first pitched the idea in 2013. The aim is to build steel tubes across the United States that would function as super-fast, country-spanning subway networks.
Siebrecht hopes to eventually expand into Asia and Europe.
"Broadband for transportation," is Hyperloop's motto.
The Hyperloop Hotel would use this system to take the travel experience to the next level, revolutionizing the hotel industry. Travelers would no longer need to buy individual tickets for each journey, nor book accommodation separately.
"Collectively, the jury was truly blown away by Brandan's concept, Hyperloop Hotel," John Hardy, founder of Radical Innovation and CEO of The John Hardy Group, tells CNN Travel. "Hyperloop Hotel has the ability to disrupt the way we live entirely, beyond the hospitality industry. Radical Innovation exists to help bring these types of ideas to fruition."

Multiple destinations in one day

The Hyperloop Hotel room would be kitted out with all modern luxuries.
The Hyperloop Hotel room would be kitted out with all modern luxuries.
courtesy of Radical Innovation
Siebrecht has designed the rooms as repurposed, spacious shipping containers, decked out with modern hotel luxuries.
The result is a hotel design that is both well appointed and sustainable. Siebrecht estimates each hotel will cost $10 million to build. The Radical Innovation Team have rewarded him $10,000 to develop the concept further.
The Hyperloop system is yet to get off the ground, but the start-up says it could be up and running by 2020. Siebrecht says he's open to collaboration with Hyperloop.
"I hope the Hyperloop Hotel will become a reality soon, Siebrecht told CNN Travel. "This concept is completely feasible as the Hyperloop is already being tested in my home state of Nevada. I am open to a partnership with Tesla and further development of my concept as an expansion or sub-brand of the Hyperloop One."
"I believe the Hyperloop One is the next big innovation in transportation in the United States and possibly the world."