On sale in Australia: Avocados as big as your face

Francesca Street, CNNUpdated 13th July 2018
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(CNN) — Australians can now look forward to an extra-large helping of avocado with their weekend brunch.
The world's largest avocado has just premiered Down Under. Dubbed "Avozillas" -- these souped-up avocados are about five times bigger than a regular one.
These enormous avos originally hail from South Africa, but a farming family is growing them in Queensland, reports CNN affiliate 9News.
"They're massive fruit... quite a lot larger than your average avocado," farmer David Groves told 9NEWS.

Giant hit

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This giant avocado is on sale at Peaches Fresh Food in Feemantle, Western Australia.
Courtesty Peaches Fresh Food
The giant avocado truly has roots in destinations around the word. it is the lovechild of two avocado species: the West Indian and the Guatemalan.
If you want to get your hand -- or both hands, they really are big -- on one, these Aussie avos are going for A$12 ($8) each. They've yet to hit grocery stores because supply can't meet demand but you can find them in specialty fruit and vegetable stores in Sydney, Adelaide and Perth, where they've been a big hit.
The Groves family have 400 avocado trees on the go, while 2,000 more trees have been planted by another farmer in Bundaberg.
The biggest avocado the farmers have found so far is 1.8 kilos.
Groves reassures avocado aficionados that increased size doesn't mean decreased flavor or creaminess.
"I'm pleased to say they're just as buttery as a Shepard or a Hass," confirms Groves.
Avocados have become a global health craze over the past couple of year and Groves says he hopes people continue to support the avocado industry, whether they're buying the regular or super-size versions.
"Keep buying avocados, they're very healthy and very tasty," he says.