The most beautiful places in France for you to explore

Barry Neild and Latifah Al-Hazza, CNNUpdated 7th October 2018
(CNN) — La Fête nationale, or, if you prefer, Bastille Day is France's national holiday. July 14 marks the anniversary of Storming of the Bastille, which was a turning point in the French Revolution.
Celebrations abound in France in honor of this special day, and there's no better time than this to set your sights on the France of your dreams.
Romantic settings in Paris. Dazzling white snow in the Alps. Quaint hilltop villages. Stunning chateaux. Fields of flowers and vineyards bursting with grapes and the promise of wine. And let's not forget magnificent beaches and islands off two coasts.
There's a reason some 85 million people a year vote with their passports to make this country one of the world's most popular destinations.
Actually, there are many reasons beyond the beautiful scenery. The food, the art, the French way of life -- all of it captivates us.
There are, of course, many more reasons than we can possibly include, but we'll let the images in the gallery above continue the conversation and fuel your travel dreams.