Puppies, rainbows and ice cream: Celebrating LGBT pride

Emanuella Grinberg and Amanda Jackson, CNNUpdated 28th June 2015
(CNN) — Pride events across the country took on new meaning this weekend as communities celebrated a Supreme Court ruling affirming same-sex marriage.
Parades in New York, Chicago and San Francisco drew tens of thousands of revelers at their most festive and colorful.
We've come to expect rainbows and balloons from any pride parade worth attending, but this year the spirit imbued aspects of celebrations small and large, from clothing and treats to canine companions.
(Or, maybe we're just paying closer attention because of social media.)
Judging from this year's posts, man's best friend is the best parade accessory:
Still, you have to nail the look:
Of course, no parade is complete without balloons, flag-waving politicians or celebrities:
Or rainbow-colored treats: