Father’s Day gifts for the dad who loves to travel

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Let’s be honest, no dad in the history of ever has been that thrilled about getting a team logo sweatshirt or a box of beers from round-the-world for Father’s Day.

He can get that for himself anytime he wants.

Given he’s probably bailed you out of more than one mess, coughed up cash for college or fixed that thing in your car/house/life you didn’t know what to do with, there’s no better time than now to buy him something he won’t be feigning excitement over.

If your dad loves to travel, this roundup of gifts might make old pops forget about the time you stole his car and crashed it into the garage.

This is Ground Mod Tablet 2

Even handier than a purse.

Clunky name aside, the This is Ground Mod Tablet 2, in all its buttery leather splendor, is a life partner.

The carryall, made in Los Angeles, holds standard essentials like a tablet, phone, notebook and pen, and has spaces for extras like cords and keys.

But the inserts tailored to each Mod lover’s needs are by far the best.

There’s the traveler insert with slots for city guides and foreign cash, the executive insert with prime passport space so there’s no fumbling to find it in front of an immigration desk and a bookish insert for the dad who wants his latest James Patterson and reading glasses handy.

Each insert can be rolled up to double as an iPad stand while the XY Find It Beacon add-on means if your Mod companion leaves your side, an app can reunite you.

From $300. More info at Thisisground.com

Wacaco Minipresso

A palm-sized espresso machine means dad won’t have to pout if he’s somewhere sans joe.

Wacaco’s hand-powered Minipresso weighs in under a pound, but size doesn’t matter in this case – the tiny coffee machine comes with a built-in espresso cup and scoop.

With different water tank capacities, it can make multiple types of espresso, like ristretto or caffè lungo, from any ground coffee.

A semi-automatic piston injects small amounts of water into the coffee adapter and after a few pushes, you’re at optimal extraction pressure and the crema’s just right.

There’s also a Minipresso capsule version compatible with the Caffitaly System and Tchibo Cafissimo capsules.

From $49. More info at Wacaco.com

Leatherman Tread

Leathermans have finally fled the no-fly zone now that the tool savant has invented the TSA-friendly “Tread.”

It’s basically a wear everywhere bracelet (but a rugged, manly one) with 25 different tools, allowing guys to MacGyver themselves out of any fix.

Included are the standard Phillips and flat head screwdrivers, hex and box wrenches, cutting hook and bottle opener.

But since the links are customizable, dad can add any tool he wants, whether that’s an oxygen tank wrench or a carbide glass breaker.

If he’d prefer a watch, there’s a link for that.

An optional waterproof Swiss-made timepiece can be added to the multi-tool.

From $150. More info at Leatherman.com

Napoleon’s TravelQ

Big enough for 18 patties, small enough to take anywhere.

No one will ever truly understand the relationship between man and grill, so it’s best to just embrace it.

One way to do that is by giving dad omni-access to cook up some brisket.

Napoleon’s TravelQ portable gas grill is just 24” x 19 1/4” when folded, but it has 12,000 BTUs of flame power and enough space to grill 18 big burgers at once.

A built in temperature gauge keeps the grill master in control of his craft and the cast iron grid can be swapped for a griddle when it’s taco time.

Legs pop out for the perfect perch but all can be tucked right back away, locked in place for storage and stowed in a handy tote.

From $249. More info at Napoleongrills.com


Peace of mind now comes neatly packaged in a tangible “Tile” that tracks where you last left things, meaning time spent perusing haystacks for needles will be kept to a minimum.

This tiny tracker can be attached to anything, like a set of keys, and the item gets tethered to your smartphone via the Tile app.

Tile sends out a Bluetooth signal up to 100 feet and the app – which can support up to eight of the mini-finders so you can add one to anything that’s perpetually misplaced – helps you retrace your steps right back to that thing you’re looking for.

The Tile app tells you you’re getting closer, and when you’re almost there will play a little tune until the missing item is safely back in your grasp.

From $25. More info at Thetileapp.com

Patagonia Simple Fly Fishing Kit

Ever stumble onto a random stream and feel an urge to wet a line?

Now the basic gear to do it comes compact enough to carry in a backpack so dad can fish whenever the moment strikes.

The Patagonia Simple Fly Fishing Kit comes with a 10’ 6” tenkara rod that’s ideal for wet fly fishing and shrinks down to just 20.5”, a dozen soft hackle flies, a line and leader and a book on tenkara techniques that tells you, simply, where to find the fish and why they’re there.

Beyond bestowing uncomplicated catch and release, Patagonia says it donates part of what you pay for the kit to creek restoration.

From $275. More info at Patagonia.com


Having a pair of pants for each of life’s demands is so passé.

When you’re on the road, a single pair should do the trick.

Hello, Bluffs.

These triple-duty duds designed to accommodate work, play and travel are actually stylish enough for date-night, classy enough for conferences and comfortable enough for city biking on a sticky summer day.

Work in bed, snooze on the couch, hike a trail or fly for 14 hours and Bluffs still won’t be wrinkled – they guarantee it.

The lightweight slacks wick moisture and dry fast so sweat stays at a minimum, and a quick sink wash and line dry will have Bluffs back in business pronto.

Side cell storage means no more sitting on your iPhone and hidden inner zipper pockets are big enough to tote passports.

It’s everything dad never knew he wanted in a pant.

From $93. More info at Bluffworks.com