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#CNNFood challenge: Michelin-starred chef Esben Holmboe Bang

CNN Staff Published 28th June 2016
Esben Holmboe Bang, head chef and co-owner of Maaemo, the three-Michelin-starred restaurant in Oslo, Norway
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(CNN) — If Instagram has taught us anything, it's that people enjoy food with the mouth, the heart and the eyes.
Esben Holmboe Bang, head chef of Olso's three-Michelin-starred Maaemo restaurant, loves to share snapshots with his followers which sum up the Maaemo philosophy of celebrating the close relationship between Norway's nature, produce and cultural history.
We challenged him to choose five of his favorite Instagram moments and to tell us why.
Here are his picks.

Expressions of summer

"Going through all parts of our larder on a regular basis is essential.
"This is where we stock up on the expressions of summer so we can last through the harsh winter time."

Snow grouse

"Snow grouse -- a wild bird that for me is very defining for Norway.
"I didn't taste it until I came to Norway and it's a favorite among hunters, though very hard to shoot.
"It's been on and off the menu since we opened and it's one of my favorite game birds. Very strong but elegant in flavor."

Getting lost

"Getting out in the woods with my family is something I wish I got to do more since being around them is my favorite thing in the world.
"I love when you get the sense of 'getting lost' a little bit."

Where the journey begins

"Meeting and having a close relationship with the people that supply our restaurant is everything.
"The journey starts with them, and their passion is equally important to ours."


"Norway. The most beautiful place in the world."

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