E-mail, movies not on approved list for takeoff, landing, draft report says

By Rene Marsh and Mike Ahlers, CNNPublished 28th September 2013
A panel's recommendations to allow for electronic devices to be used during takeoff and landing suggests it could be a while before passengers get to keep that iPad movie playing or the e-reader on, according to a draft of the recommendations obtained by CNN.
The draft, which was confirmed by an industry insider as accurate, but could not be confirmed as the final version, outlines the more than two dozen recommendations regarding the use of e-readers and other electronic equipment that are expected to be submitted from the expert panel to the FAA on Monday. But the recommendations would not allow for phone calls or e-mailing during departure or arrival.
According to the draft, it appears the committee was trying to balance passenger comfort with rules that don't jeopardize safety.
The panel wants to ensure the rules are consistent from airline to airline and across international borders.
It wants the FAA to provide a "standardized travel experience" for travelers.
The experts appear to want to find ways to make rules understandable to travelers. One of the recommendations suggests giving travelers a list of devices that are not approved for use on planes. Another recommendation suggests the FAA require all newly manufactured planes be built to be personal electronic device tolerant.
Almost every recommendation requires additional work and study by the FAA, according to the recommendations draft.