Delta passengers got pizza delivered to the plane

Catherine E. Shoichet, Samantha Barry and David Williams, CNNUpdated 9th August 2016
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(CNN) — As a computer outage on Monday caused Delta flight delays and cancellations around the world, passengers flooded social media with photos of jam-packed waiting areas.
Here's a glimpse at how people said they were coping:

They were going to Vegas to get married

Kat Johnson thought she was on the way to her wedding when she got on a Delta plane in Tokyo. But it wasn't long before she was back inside the airport and reaching out to family members to let them know there could be a change of plans.
The airline canceled the flight after loading everyone on board, she said.
Johnson said she and her fiance are still planning to say "I do" on Wednesday during a family reunion in Las Vegas, but their flight Monday was canceled, and now she's not sure when -- or if -- they'll make it.
"We told the family members and the venue seems understanding," she wrote on Twitter. "It's all very frustrating."

They ordered pizza on the tarmac

Sean Carson said he was stuck on a plane for more than four hours as he waited to travel from Kona, Hawaii, to Los Angeles.
An announcement from the pilot, he said, gave some hope to the stranded passengers.
Pizza was on the way.
The crew was trying to make things better, Carson wrote on Twitter as he posted a photo of a man walking with a stack of pizza boxes down the aisle.
"No help in sight though on flight," he said.

They are dreaming of Disney

In a crammed waiting lounge at New York's LaGuardia airport Monday morning, the Johnson family tried to make the best of the situation. They'd been hoping to leave much sooner for their Disney World trip.
But mother Claudia Joseph said she, her husband and their six children were still in good spirits.
"We just want to catch that flight," she said.

He tried to tire out his kids

Bob Brown sat on the floor of LaGuardia with his two young children.
The family drove in from New Hampshire and arrived at the airport at 5 a.m., only to learn that their flight to Jacksonville, Florida, was delayed.
"We are all exhausted," he said.
But that, Brown said, was actually part of his plan once he learned about Delta's computer outage.
"How do we plan on spending a day here possibly? What we did is walk every inch of the airport trying to tire the kids out a little more so they can sit down for a bit," he said.

She sat in sea of blankets

Jackie Watanabe was set to fly out of Las Vegas at 3:45 a.m. Monday when things went awry.
"I'm not ready to go into camping mode yet, but other passengers are #DeltaMeltdown2016," she tweeted soon afterward.
Watanabe said the airline had been good with keeping passengers updated and provided them with blankets.
As she boarded a flight bound for Minneapolis later, Watanabe tweeted that the airline had given passengers meals from McDonald's. But after the lengthy ordeal, she joked that she was hoping for something a little more substantive once the plane lands.
"There better be steaks or something waiting for us," she wrote.