French treat: Pasta made with crickets, grasshoppers

Susie East, for CNNUpdated 26th March 2017
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(CNN) — For anyone who's ever thought their artisan pasta lacks an unexpected protein punch, Stephanie Richard has the answer.
Richard, based in Thiefosse, northeast France, serves up fusili, penne and spaghetti containing a very special ingredient: Insects.
This gourmet treat is made from spelt flour, eggs, and flour made from pulverized crickets and grasshoppers. Not convinced?
In 2013, the United Nations noted the "huge potential" of insects for feeding people and livestock.
Richard started the business four years ago and now produces up to 400 kilograms of pasta each week. Insects are the "protein of the future," says Richard.
Such futuristic nutrition comes at a price. A 250-gram bag costs 6.60 euros ($7.30) -- a lot more than a typical bag of protein-poor carbs.
L'atelier a pates, 6 Place de la Mairie, 88290 Thiefosse, France; +33 9 54 90 94 20