Calculating the odds: 12 sons in a row

Jacque Wilson, CNNPublished 29th October 2014
Your odds of having a boy? 1 in 2. Every time.
(CNN) — They may not beat the Duggars for sheer number of children, but this couple in Michigan has their own kind of reality-TV-worthy reproduction streak going on.
Kateri and Jay Schwandt of Rockford have 12 sons and no daughters, all conceived naturally, according to the Detroit Free Press. The odds of that happening are approximately 1 in 4,000. "Star Wars' " C-3PO says you have a better chance of navigating an asteroid field successfully than of duplicating their streak.
Better yet? Baby No. 13 is due in May, and Kateri, at least, is hoping for another boy.
The odds of THAT happening are about 1 in 8,000.
Of course, that's not as unlikely as say, winning the Mega Millions jackpot (odds: 1 in 175,711,536). But it's awfully close to your risk of being struck by lightning.
Here are some other birth odds:
Odds of having a boy: 1 in 2
Odds of having a girl: 1 in 2
Odds of having natural identical twins: About 1 in 250
Odds of having conjoined twins: About 1 in 200,000
Odds of having natural triplets: About 1 in 8,100
Odds of having natural quadruplets: About 1 in 700,000