Greetings from the new CNN Travel

Brekke Fletcher and the worldwide CNN Travel TeamUpdated 14th June 2017
(CNN) — We are thrilled to present the new look of CNN Travel. We are moving in a new direction, and hope you'll enjoy this next leg of our journey, as we become the definitive digital travel resource for our globally curious, intelligent and intrepid audience. That's you!

Inspire. Inform. Entertain

We have some fairly lofty ambitions, including world domination (just in the travel sphere, so calm down). And we've been around a long, long time. It's kind of crazy.
Like, it was 1999. There was no iPhone or Samsung Galaxy or even a proper Motorola. Razr!!
So now we're making some really incredible video, introducing you to local personalities—the folks that make their hometowns special, and who in turn, share their tips, tricks, hacks and recommendations that visitors can actually use. We are definitely going to wow you, with our new Wonder section, a video player that rotates breathtaking and awe-inspiring scenes, taking you to parts of the world that might be a bit hard to reach (but we know you can do it)! We'll charm you with punchy animations; we'll transport you with jaw-dropping images.

Go there with mobile and social

So here we are, mid-2017 and everyone is doing almost everything that needs doing on their phone, including booking fights, receiving gate or delay information, researching hotels, making dinner reservations, using real-time maps and apps to gauge traffic patterns and subway delays. We are bingeing videos, listening (or pretending to be listening) to heady podcasts, exchanging money, receiving news alerts, posting photos, videos, gifs, bitmojis, boomeragings, snaps, Finstagrams and oh my goodness, what's next?

Where we leave you for now

No matter where you are or what you're doing, we're going to do our darnedest to get you to literally go there, go everywhere, go anywhere. Our species has never been better situated to explore further, dig deeper, and see and meet friends and family half a world away. We are here to help. Think of us as your best friend who knows everything: The person you text when you need a bar recommendation in London, a luxury hotel in Mumbai, somewhere to take your entire family for a nearby mini-holiday.
At CNN Travel, we're not interested in being cool to be cool. We don't want to tell you what to do. We do want to talk with you. We want to move you. To make you move. So get ready for a trip of a lifetime. Be seeing you.