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$30 for a sandwich? New index shows which cities' hotels are priciest to eat in

CNN staffUpdated 30th June 2015
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(CNN) — Forget the debate over whether it should come with or without a fried egg.
The club sandwich is the center of a much more important discussion this week -- international hotel dining costs. has released the results of its annual Club Sandwich Index (CSI), which ranks cities according to the average price you can expect to pay for that beautiful stack of poultry, bacon, egg (maybe), lettuce, tomato and mayo in mid- to high-end hotels.
For the first time, they've included three additional hotel dining items to give a more in-depth picture of just how pricey these hotel restaurants are: a burger meal (burger, fries, soda), a cup of coffee and a glass of house red wine.
The average prices were calculated from real prices (including taxes and fees) paid by guests for all four menu options in more than 840 five-, four- and three-star hotels in 28 cities, says
Based on this year's findings, Geneva remains the priciest city for a club sandwich ($30.59) and with an average cost of $86.71 for all four meny options it's also the most expensive destination in which to enjoy a full day hotel dining experience.
So which city has the most expensive cup of coffee?
That'd be Seoul.
The South Korean capital, though 6th overall, offers the priciest caffeine fix at $9.72 on average.
Another random tidbit from the index: Paris has the priciest red wine at 5-star hotels, followed by Hong Kong.
Of the 28 cities surveyed, Bogota, Colombia, is the most affordable destination to eat a full day of meals, with an average price of $30.08, followed by Mexico City at $32.13, Rio de Janeiro at $34.19, Madrid at $38.73 and Bangkok at $39.53.
Here's the full list of 28 cities included on the CSI, ranked by the average prices paid by hotel guests for all four menu options (a burger meal, coffee, glass of red wine and clubhouse sandwich).
1. Geneva, Switzerland -- $86.71
2. Paris -- $72.62
3. Hong Kong -- $71.34
4. Oslo -- $68.42
5. London -- $65.45
6. Seoul -- $65.32
7. Stockholm -- $61.71
8. Japan -- $60.79
9. Singapore -- $60.54
10. New York -- $59.64
11. Beijing -- $59.30
12. Helsinki -- $52.64
13. Copenhagen -- $52.62
14. Sydney -- $51.00
15. Rome -- $48.94
16. Amsterdam -- $46.99
17. Taipei, Taiwan -- $46.12
18. Dublin -- $43.61
19. Moscow -- $43.06
20. New Delhi -- $42.55
21. Berlin -- $41.86
22. Toronto -- $41.56
23. Buenos Aires -- $40.28
24. Bangkok -- $39.53
25. Madrid -- $38.73
26. Rio de Janeiro -- $34.19
27. Mexico City -- $32.13
28. Bogota -- $30.08
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