Fiona the hippo's Super Bowl prediction: A yawn for the Chiefs

Francisco Guzman and Saeed Ahmed, CNNUpdated 31st January 2020
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(CNN) — Cincinnati Zoo's most beloved animal, Fiona the hippo, has made her Super Bowl prediction.
She appeared to pick the Kansas City Chiefs, but in a rather inartful way: She yawned and soggy lettuce flew out in front of the team's logo.
"She has picked the underdog three years in a row," Cincinnati Zoo's Communications Director Michelle Curley told CNN. "Since she started life as an underdog, perhaps she just naturally roots for them."
Underdog, indeed: Fiona was born six weeks premature and weighed only 29 pounds when she debuted at the zoo in 2017. But her remarkable recovery quickly endeared her to millions of fans, and she's become a hippo celebrity.
Fiona's Super Bowl predictions are hit or miss, but this is only her third Big Game forecast. The newly 3-year-old hippo picked the Philadelphia Eagles to beat the New England Patriots in 2018 (the Eagles won), and the Los Angeles Rams over the New England Patriots in 2019 (the Pats won).
The San Francisco 49ers will play the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday. And if Fiona's prediction is anything like the game, it will be a toss up.