InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland to open in an abandoned quarry this October

Kate Springer, CNNUpdated 6th September 2018
(CNN) — Skyscrapers, beaches, tropical forests. When looking for amazing views, travelers rarely head underground.
But a new hotel in China is breaking the travel mold.
After a decade of construction, the mostly subterranean Shimao Wonderland InterContinental is set to open this October inside a formerly abandoned quarry about 20 miles southwest of Shanghai.
Of the hotel's 18 floors, 16 will be built underground and two will be submerged inside a 33-foot-deep aquarium.
Though limited information is available at this time here are a few of the project highlights that have been released.
InterContinental Shanghai Wonderland
designed by Martin Jochman in association with Atkins and Studio JADE+QA

A natural wonder

Built by Studio JADE+QA in association with British firm Atkins, behind the Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai, the "pit hotel" required innovative engineering solutions and more than 5,000 people to complete.
Every room in the 336-room address -- aside from those underwater -- will feature a balcony with views of purpose-built waterfalls spilling down the quarry walls.
The subterranean levels will include a restaurant, guest rooms, an aquarium, pool and watersports center.
For thrillseekers, the hotel makes use of its position inside a craggy pit to provide bungee jumping and rock climbing opportunities.

Living landscapes

Set near the Sheshan Mountain Range, Sheshan National Forest Park and Chenshan Botanic Gardens, the 61,000-square-meter resort aims to be a home base for environmentally minded travelers.
The architectural plan was designed to reduce impact on the environment by keeping the majority of construction within the disused pit.
In addition, the hotel plans to generate its own geothermal and solar energy to power everyday functions.
On site, there's also a green rooftop that disappears into the surrounding landscape and doubles as a place where travelers can relax and explore.