Cairo on Instagram: Photos that will make you wish you were here

Published 19th June 2015
Cairo, Egypt (CNN) — To the uninitiated, Cairo can be sensory overload at the best of times -- a bewildering snarl of traffic, people and minarets that is next to impossible for the untrained eye to untangle.
But beneath all the chaos lies an undeniable charm and beauty. We asked the city's Instagrammers to shine a light -- and a lens -- on the things that make Cairo great.
Christina Rizk, a local photographer, took over the @CNN, @CNNTravel and @CNNArabic Instagram accounts this week -- and you also chipped in with your best shots of the Egyptian capital.
"A boy sells cotton candy as a television commercial is being filmed just out of shot. The crew's cameras drew a crowd that spilled into this street in downtown."
"A woman strolls through Maadi, a leafy Cairo suburb with beautiful buildings that can sometimes seem light years away from the noisy, traffic-clogged streets in the city's center."
"A man takes a lunch-break on a sidewalk in downtown #Cairo."
"Thursday marked the beginning of Ramadan -- and these lanterns, believed to have originated in Egypt, are an enduring symbol of the Muslim holy month."
"Men in Maadi, a quiet suburb in Cairo, buy meat at a butcher shop ahead of Ramadan."
"A shop owner prepares to rearrange the window display at his lingerie shop in Maadi."
"Captain of our boat."
"Party boat passing on the Nile."
"A security guard at the entrance of St. Mary's Coptic Orthodox Church in Mar Girgis, also known as the Hanging Church (El Muallaqa). The church is one of the oldest in Egypt dating back to the 3rd century AD.
A palm tree draws shade over a poster of Pope Shenouda III in an alleyway at St. George's monastery in Mar Girgis, Old Cairo.

What you saw

Christina Rizk wasn't the only one with an eye for the pretty things in Cairo -- we asked locals to tag their pics with #cnnireport, and this is what they showed us.