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Meet the winners: CNN Parts Unknown Challenge: Hong Kong

Frances Cha, CNNUpdated 25th March 2015
(CNN) — We've never seen a more rapt group of people hovering over salt-crusted sea bass.
To kick off season 2 of Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown, CNN hosted a whirlwind scavenger hunt in Hong Kong last weekend, in association with Little Adventures in Hong Kong, the city's premier private food tour company.
We sent 12 teams racing through restaurants, streets and market stalls on an intense foodie-themed series of challenges, with Anthony Bourdain judging the challenge remotely via Instagram and Twitter.
Chefs and judges were stationed at various locations to preside over each endeavor.
Sweet odds
It may have been the one in six odds of winning, but the race was hilariously intense from the beginning.
With challenges ranging from eating as many "suicide wings" as possible in three minutes to wrapping dim sum to fileting fish, six local teams and six expat teams battled it out to win two grand prizes of a trip to Tokyo, and customized food tours of Hong Kong with Little Adventures for runners up.
Anthony Bourdain judged the roast goose leg challenge -- it's his favorite Hong Kong food -- that had teams hunting for a secret kitchen to chop up goose legs.
"You really get to see why Hong Kong is Asia's food capital," food blogger Andy Yeo of team The Twits said of the day's event. "It pushes you off the deep end."
Hunger in Hong Kong
The tests weren't all about taste buds.
The Market Challenge had each team heading to the street market to bargain for as much choi sum (a leafy green vegetable) as possible for HK$30, the average amount people in Hong Kong living under the poverty line spend on food each day.
The veggies were then donated to Feeding Hong Kong, CNN's charity partner for the event.
Social media was another important element of the contest, as contestants were required to have a Twitter and Instagram account to register.
Despite rampant competitiveness, CNN Travel editor Hiufu Wong observed that contestants spent more time feeding the event to their social media networks than on the actual challenges.
The winners
The winners heading to Tokyo are teams HELL YEAH! and HUNGER HUNTER.
"We liked the fact that the challenge covered not just local Cantonese food," said Davis Ng, member of team HELL YEAH! "It covered different genres and we actually learned something very interesting from the chefs."
You're welcome, Davis. Have fun in Japan!
The partners
You can retrace the challenge at the following Hong Kong locations:
Nico's Spuntino Bar & Restaurant, 49 Elgin St., Central
DimDimSum DimSum Specialty Store, 7 Tin Lok Lane, Wan Chai
Kowloon Soy Company, 9 Graham St., Central
Corner Kitchen, 21 New St., Sheung Wan
Chôm Chôm, 58-60 Peel St., Central
The Big Bites, 196-202 Java Road, North Point
Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown Season 2 airs Mondays at 9 a.m., Fridays at 10 p.m. and Sundays at 9 a.m. HKT on CNN International. This season, traditional Chinese subtitling will be available for Hong Kong viewers.