9 of the world’s best wellness retreats

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Being pummeled by strangers, soaked in aromatic waters, or encouraged to throw yoga shapes in beautiful surroundings isn’t going to erase the problems of the past few years.

But for those of us still carrying the baggage of anxiety or long-term health consequences brought on by these fraught times, such wellness-inducing activities will certainly come as a welcome escape.

Whether you’re looking for deep cleanses amid the snowy peaks of New Zealand, massages in the Maldives and Saint Lucia, or spa therapy in Saint Lucia, here are some of the best rejuvenation hotspots the world has to offer.

Aro Hā, New Zealand

Surrounded by the snowy peaks of the Southern Alps, Aro Hā says it has a simple kaupapa, or purpose: to regenerate the mind and body.

It doesn’t