Destination Greece

It's so hot in Athens the Acropolis was closed

Paul P. Murphy, CNNUpdated 5th July 2019
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(CNN) — Athens is normally around 90˚F (or 32˚C) this time of year. Temperatures neared 100˚F (or 37.7˚C) this week, according to the CNN weather forecast.
Much of Europe is broiling under a heat wave. Because of that, one of the continent's most famous attractions is shutting down during the hottest parts of the day.
The Ephorate of Antiquities of Athens closed the Acropolis archaeological site to visitors on Thursday because it was too hot. The temperature there was 96˚F (or 35.6˚C) on Thursday, according to CNN Weather Producer Haley Brink.
On Wednesday visitors in Greece were advised that due to the forecast from the National Meteorological Service the site would be closed to the public from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. if the temperature exceeded 104˚F (or 40˚C). Those are typically the hottest hours of the day.
The site was open on Friday.
Visitors who had tickets for Thursday are advised to contact the Department of Operations to reschedule.
According to the CNN weather forecast, the heat wave appears to go into a bit of a lull. Temperatures across Europe will be at or slightly above average. But next week temperatures could reach record levels again, spiking on Wednesday.